Iron Man 2 vs. The Amazing Spider-Man



Iron Man 2 had its moments. But I really did like TASM much more.

The Amazing Spider-Man far outdoes Iron Man 2.

Got to go with Mr. Parker on this one

TAMS is just a shittier version of Sam Raimi's original, and Iron Man 2 is just a shittier version of Iron Man 1. Andrew Garfield stinks as Peter Parker. IRon Man 2 at least has some funny moments and RDJ's charm. IM2 crushes.

Webb's Spider-Man was awful in every way and best forgotten. IM2- Even the MCU's weakest effort is better than most things.

iron man 2 is kinda useless in the MCU but marc webb's blockbuster TASM is better than it's sequel but it's not great either IM2 takes the cake

TASM by far, IM2 is disappointing