Iron Man 2 vs. The Dark Knight



Both excellent films but in terms of quality, Iron Man 2 outclasses TDK all day long. I thought IM2 built perfectly off the original and delivered as much charisma and smarts but more intensity and thrills. To me, that's the definition of greatness. It certainly means it comes in above TDK. Iron Man 2 is smart, well structured and offered GREAT performances. Ledger brought home Oscar and Rourke is almost as good. RDJ is amazing and that's also a difference. RDJ > Bale by far. Great performances to go with the thrills and the laughs mark a huge winner in my book. Iron Man was a great film but IM2 took everything movie one did and expanded on it. After going darker and deeper with Tony, they placed him again in "creator" mode just like the first movie. This gave some of the same flavor to the film as the first. That was a wonderful creative decision. Add the best final act in comic movie history and why wouldn't IM2 be called one of the best ever?

Iron Man 2 wins this match. All of the wonderful plot points and the dramatic elements delivered as did the action sequences. Those saying that TDK delivers one note and that Iron Man 2 hits many high notes and many tones are totally correct. Iron Man 2 is a better balanced film. Both movies deliver great performances but no one can touch Robert Downey in this role.

Iron Man 2 clearly beats TDK in every way that truly matters. Iron Man 2 is smarter, funnier, more thrilling and delivers better performances. The more people that see it, the more people that are calling Iron Man 2 the best comic adaptation film of all-time.

Whoa. I think I need to add Iron Man 2 to the list of overrated superhero movies. It seriously wasn't that great or even close to the quality of The Dark Knight. Oh, and Iron Man >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iron Man 2.


Iron Man 2 better than Dark Knight?????? IM2 best final act in comic movie history=CGI Robots destroyed in 30 seconds? Roarke>Ledger?? Forgetaboutit.......... I could understand if you prefer Iron Man but Iron Man 2 ?

That's crazy talk. Cosign Ear & Badger.

Agree that both are quality but I simply enjoyed Iron Man 2 more. IM2's conclusion was far more then CG robots. It featured true thrills and was very satisfying. What I love about the franchise is that it doesn't feel the need to fill the screen with everything CG every second. The characters really shine. You can say the same thing about Nolan's Batman films. Character first. TDK's Harvey sub-story slows that film down and thus I rank it behind Iron Man.

Battle of the mega-hits but Iron Man 2 is simply the better all-around film. Performances are great in both but Iron Man delivers more heart and more of everything that matters. THAT is what a conflicted billionaire would do given the right resources, not dress up as a giant rodent.

Iron Man 1 vs. Dark Knight I could see this conversation happening. Iron Man 2 though? It was good, but it was nowhere NEAR the quality of the either Iron Man 1 or The Dark Knight. Not by a long shot.

Iron Man 2 isn't even as good as Iron Man, it was a sloppy mess of a film with too many characters, too much time spent setting up the next Marvel film(s), too much rehash of the character moments of the first film. About the only places the film remained on par with the first film was in terms of special FX and acting. Also, Sam Rockwell and Jeff Bridges eat RDJ and Christian Bale's respective lunches.

Dark Knight is the worst movie EVER. Nothing about it is memorable, and don't get me started on the Joker(which was a joke). Iron man 2 had awesome Sam Rockwell dancing 'nuff said

Ironman 2's plot will be forgotten by the end of the summer. I still discuss the Dark Knight overall plot points years later. I can't understand how a movie that failed to use some of the best actors in Hollywood gets so much praise. I don't get it. The Dark Knight wins. This is such a Star Wars versus Star Trek

Uhm, nothing beats The Dark Knight. I doubt that Iron Man 2 is even as good as Iron Man, which isn't all that amazingto begin with anyways.

I honestly didn't realize there were people who liked Iron Man 2 very much.

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man 2, but there were so many flaws! Iron Man 2 is a fantastic dumb action movie, but DK is slightly more intelligent (note: I said 'slightly'), but also just a good film all round.

I think that the supreme test of any genre fiction, whether it be literature, film, or television, is whether or not the story can transcend the genre and be about something more than that. I have been a lifelong reader and supporter of super hero comic books, but The Dark Knight surpasses its own label as a super-hero film and becomes something better - it's a film about the darkness of society and what little hope we can cull from the shadows in a nihilistic society. Iron Man 2 is a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, it's still just a super-hero romp with some flashy characters and special effects. It had the potential for transcendence into being at its core more about industrialization issues with the military, but it just skimmed those themes by for more action and RDJ one-liners. The Dark Knight is a fantastic film.

This isn't even worth a discussion (altho it's great for Flickchart, amiright). Dark Knight would have made the list for Academy Award for Best Motion Picture during its year w/the expanded 10 entries. Do you think Iron Man 2 will make the top ten this year? Even with a lousy year for film, IM2 doesn't stand a chance. Granted, The Academy Awards isn't indicative of what may truly be best nor what the fan favorite is (unless your movie is named "Titanic") but it's still a good measurement. But I don't think you'll find a good film critic that would pick IM2 over Dark Knight. Don't get me wrong, I think IM2 is a fine film but doesn't succeed in elevating the original (unlike TDK does w/BB). Yes, RDJ is better than Bale. But at least Bale benefited from a stronger story and platform to work it. wait. Why is this a discussion topic again? It's subjective. If you or Avenger7 likes IM2 more than TDK, fine. Still doesn't make it a better film.

Iron Man 2 is in the running for the funnest time I've ever had with a superhero movie. The Dark Knight, though, is my clear cut favorite superhero movie. As much fun as Iron Man 2 is, it's not fun enough for me to forget all of its flaws. First of all, there is a little too much going on. Second of all, its improvisational feel is both a positive and negative. It gives the film an easy-going, fun-loving atmosphere, but the movie also feels unpolished as a result. And, put simply, I have no such issues with The Dark Knight.

"Do you think Iron Man 2 will make the top ten this year? " Yes, I really do. Iron Man 2 did everything Iron Man did but did it better. There's an argument that BOTH Iron Man films are better than The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger sympathy aside, there was nothing Oscar worthy about TDK. Whereas, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark should be nominated for every award possible if there really was justice in the world.

This is like comparing the Godfather to My Cousin Vinnie.

I wish I saw the Iron Man 2 that some of you seem to have seen! Jeez, talk about heaping praise upon a movie that doesn't deserve it. Iron Man 2 was entertaining, but nothing special and certainly not as good as any of Nolan's films. The Dark Knight is so superior to both Iron Man films, it's not even a worthy comparison.

This is like comparing the Godfather to Goodfellas with IM2 being The Godfather. Hopefully, Iron Man can avoid the curse of number three that even the Godfather franchise couldn't avoid. Godfather and Godfather 2 perfectly complemented one another just like IM1 and IM2 did.

Iron Man 2 delivers a more complete film. Most have to agree that Downey downs Bale in the leads. Nolan delivers more dark but Favreau delivers more fun, heart and thrills.

Close battle but I have to go with both Iron Man films over both rebooted Batfilms.

It has been better said by others in this discussion. Simply put: I love the Iron Man movies. I do not love Dark Knight.

The more people that chime in, the more that have to admit that both Iron Man films are superior to Nolan's batflicks.

For me, The Dark Knight cuz it has a great performance by the late Heath Ledger and a good story. Iron Man 2 has good actors in it like Downey Jr. but I just didn't like it as much as TDK.

I really don't get where all the support for Iron Man 2 is coming from. The Dark Knight has more depth, a stronger story, powerful themes and a great cast, plus when you strip all that away and you're still left with an incredibly well made action film. Iron Man 2 isn't even in the same league.


Iron Man 2 wasn't anywhere as good as the first Iron Man, and the first Iron Man doesn't beat Dark Knight (though it's the closest super hero movie to do so), so this is an easy choice for me.

While I enjoy both films, it seems to me that IM2 is trying too hard to be like TDK. Both have villians who exist because the heroes exist, and both go into a deeper level of thier main characters. But The Dark Knight was better acted, better plotted, and even funnier than IM2.

I can see the claim that Ledger beats Rourke in the bad guy role but there's NO way TDK contains better humor or lighter moments. Even ultra Nolan fans will have a hard time making that claim stick. Personally, I think Ledger's Joker was more interesting and carried the film. Whereas, Downey's Stark carried both Iron Man films and did it with flare. In a battle of films or title characters, Iron Man wins the match up rather easily.

I'm not even a Dark Knight's near 290th on my chart, but it is a much better film. Iron Man 2 would have been something if it was allowed to be Favraeu's vision, but Marvel tinkered with it too much. I'll go with Bale, Ledger, and of course...Zeus, who saves all the innocent people at the end.

Now that time has passed and enough of the hype has died down over TDK, I think it's clear that Iron Man is the better film franchise. Everyone acknowledges that Iron Man destroys Batman Begins. The real debate is with these two films. While TDK is quality, it's monotone nature and overrated fan love places it behind Iron Man 2 on several fronts. Eliminate Ledger's performance and, quite frankly, there's not one major category where the TDK can even match Iron Man 2 let alone surpass it.

Iron Man 2 might be technically well done and has a few funny moments (and the appeal of ScarJo's ... ahem ... role can't be denied), however it is easily sub-standard to IM and not even in the same league as TDK. TDK isn't perfect by any means, but it is technically grand (especially the IMAX shot sequences e.g. the opening heist), exhibiting greater depth of character. While Ledger (and to a lesser extent Ekhart) is bearing his soul, Rourke is wasted as he sits around not doing anything for the bulk of the movie and is then cut down too quickly to care. Yawn. Had Rourke and RDJ been given some screen time to breath and explore their characters (for instance Stark's chemical abuse problem) the potential was there for IM2 to be the superior film. As it stands it's sure is loud and empty. TDK FTW

TDK by a massive landslide victory. Nothing in IM2 could touch the level of quality that Nolan's masterpiece brought to the big screen. The Joker is possibly the most memorable villain in movie history, whereas Rourke and Rockwell (I've forgotten the character's names, they was so forgettable) were bland, nonthreatening and basically treated as filler to pad out the "glorified Avengers trailer posing as a film". Bruce's journey was gripping, Tony's was treated as a background for jokes. TDK took its time to set up dramatic moments that felt organic, IM2 just shoehorned them in (The scene with his father was just laughably bad) and resolved them in 5 seconds with no repercussions. The biggest problem with Iron Man was the ridiculous deus ex machina with the element in the diorama, creating a plethora of plotholes and logic leaps that fail to hold up under even the most basic scrutiny imaginable.

Someone has a major crush on Nolan and monitors every site to bash the competition and praise the man don't they? I give it no more than 24 hours and the squareone will respond in kind. Do you have software for this Nolan worship or is it just having no life? I stumbled on this phenomenon but think it's funny as hell.

That's rich, coming from someone who spends every waking moment on IMDB with about 10 or more accounts in a desperate attempt to make Favreau's bland production (and every other film Marvel's produced in the last 3 years) look like the 2nd coming.

SIX hours to respond! I had to check but I love being right all the time! I also love how these Nolan Nuts think there won't be any blow back. I think it's great that they enjoy his work and are huge fans. Promote the hell out of your own "team", makes me no never mind. Not extending the same courtesy to others is the annoying part. Bashing the alleged competition and trying in vain to undercut others (ex: Marvel fans) does what exactly? I need no other accounts nor do I really care because rabid fans do nothing but turn people against the films or film maker they love in the long run. I think the blow back against TDKR will be the proof next year. Way to work it.

"I also love how these Nolan Nuts think there won't be any blow back." And I love how Marvelites are desperately trying to convince themselves that there already hasn't been blow back against IM2. You feel free to praise Iron Man 2 all you want with all the hyperbole intact, but don't try to act like the planet agrees with you. When it comes to the consensus of film goers and critics, Batman Begins and TDK are considered to be far superior in every conceivable way to IM2, and even IM1. IM2 is the definition of an average film with nothing remarkable about it.

I'm surprised this is even up for debate. Even the star and director of Iron Man 2 have admitted the movie was a mess and they were disappointed in the end result.

Iron Man 2 is garbage.

Soon Iron Man 3 will complete the sweep for that franchise over the very overrated Nolan bat effort.

IM2 pretty much killed any chance of this film taking the trilogy crowd from the Nolan trilogy.

You can just check my Flickchart for this answer lol.

It's amazing how Nolan captured the title of "Best CBM ever" in 2005 and has been playing 'keep away' from Marvel ever since.

It's fun to turn the screws to the Nolanites on this site. So frustrated and so defensive. I wonder why that is???

Because they can't just roll their eyes at Nolan haters like fans of more established, "credible" directors can. (Directors everyone didn't just learn the name of in the past few years.) Although it doesn't look like you rustled any feathers in this discussion to be honest.

Marvel and DC (or Nolan, I suppose) will always have their fag-alongs. Every time they pucker people like Stan Lee and Chris Nolan can feel the demented puppy-love reverberating through their anuses.

Guys,hold your horses,end your discussions,obliterate your doubts. There's not a fair match here . Ask Mickey Rourke about how absurd was "Iron Man 2" pseudo direction-slash-writing and enlighten up. Period.

Whoa, I had no idea there was this blood feud between the fans of Christopher Nolan and Marvel Comics. Overall, I prefer the current Marvel Cinematic Universe films over The Dark Knight trilogy yet, even I must admit, The Dark Knight pisses on Iron Man 2.

After the Dark Knight (and Batman Begins for that matter), every Marvel offering just feels so watered-down.

Both have similar plots, but TDK was just on another level.

I like the word "offering". It makes me want to like a movie more than I do. "Marvel/DC... is _offering_ this to me. :D"

iron man 2 was not bad but it was a let down.The dark knight was just amazing.

I was really let down by Iron Man 2. How come they made the first fight on the race track far superior to the end fight which was over in thirty seconds.

I still say Iron Man 2 delivers a more complete film. I'm glad most agree with me that Downey downs Bale in the leads. Nolan delivers dark well but Favreau delivered more fun, heart and thrills with his two Iron Man films. What was true in 2010 is true today especially after the misfire known as TDKR.

Nolan's films deliver more intelligence, depth, drama, thrills and soul than any film produced by any other comic company. The relationship between characters such as Bruce and Alfred/Gordon/Lucius are far more palpable than anything seen from Marvel/Darkhorse/other or the rest of DC. The fact that Bale is a vastly more talented and well rounded actor than RDJ is a great bonus.

Dr. Manhattan!

TDKR is a very boring and a very dumb film with a plethora of one-dimensional characters that are poorly written. Even quality actors couldn't save that script. To end the nolan trilogy in such an inept way makes people look back on TDK fondly. Maybe too much so. That's what Iron Man 2 proves here. You don't necessarily have to top a previous film but you do have to hold serve. That's something TDKR didn't do. It crapped on TDK just like the Iron Man franchise craps on the nolan trilogy.

Iron Man 2 is an atrocious disaster of film making with bad jokes, bad plot threads, moronic twists, wooden performances and relies more on CGI than a Lucas film. Nolan's meticulous epic destroys every single film Marvel studios has ever produced on every measurable level (so has Batman Begins, for that matter). The Iron Man franchise doesn't have a prayer of being regarded as a "trilogy" after the massive failure of this film.

Y'know, what if Christopher Nolan directed The Avengers 2, or Iron Man 4. Now that needs an answer, Squaremaster.

^Bigger twist than Iron Man 2.

Well, it's apparent that the full con job is on to save face by the nolan fanboys. Those of us with taste know the truth. Nolan delivered two dull and diminished films not worthy of any real praise at all. Your choice as to which was the worse film.

@MS conversations b/w characters that serve to advance the plot.

Iron Man 2 was terrible. Easy win for TDK.

Add an over-satisfied and overlong delivery that can numb the viewer and TDK is hardly the alleged masterpiece that all the fans have conned themselves in to believing that it is. Cut the Two-Face subplot and it might be a better film. Still, far below Iron Man territory.

Every single moment of Iron Man 2 was a poorly handled, written, acted mess. Rourke uses up any goodwill his Randy the Ram performance had two years prior with this ham-fisted, bland Russian character, Robert fails miserably in conveying a troubled protagonist (even his drunk scene felt fake and tacked on) Rhodey is given nothing to do and acts radically different from one moment to the next, Rockwell is as annoying and ineffective as Jar Jar Binks. It's also pretty obvious that they were extremely envious of the way Batman Begins handled the relationship between Bruce and his father and wanted so desperately to try and emulate it to pathetic results with that ridiculous "message from beyond" nonsense. The "new element" had to have been the dumbest of all plot twists in its execution, resulting in a plethora of plot holes. In every measurable aspect, each one of Nolan's Batman films (and other Batman films from other directors) are far superior quality products.

Wish they didn't mess with Mickey Rourke's character. He had extra scenes that he said added depth to the character that they cut out of the movie to make way for all The Avengers tie in stuff that could have potentially improved his performance, and the film. Can't wait for Iron Man 3.

Am I the only one getting a great laugh out of this argument?

It's seems to be very dc vs marvel.

I don't know. It seems to me that they're just arguing about how shitty each movie is without having the pleasure to state why the movie they're trying to defend is so great in the first place. Oh well. It's comedy and I love me some comedy.

You're right.

There's no argument here, I'm just stating facts and standing up to a nolan bully who thinks he owns this site. I know the following statement of FACT will upset the few Nolanophiles that post here but the nolan trilogy is an average one at best. Anyone that says otherwise is just fooling themselves. They would rave about them regardless of quality. To them, nolan could have filmed Bale pooping in a pot for an hour and they would deem the footage to be Oscar level. Delusional fans aside, Iron Man rules the day with its complex soulfulness and good old-fashioned charisma.

Okay good. That's what I'm talking about ^.

And 'Nolanophiles' is a fantastic term.

Anything for a laugh! That square nutjob obviously can't stand to open up the TDK page and see the first match up as this one with something negative to say about his god. So, that's just what he's going to get. His frustration over the past year must be at a boiling point considering most consider TDKR a disappointment. I don't normally like to torment the feeble-minded but he more than asks for it. It's good to see more people than I get a laugh out of it.

Wow, it's really hard to believe how delusional some people can be. Anyways, I'm not the biggest Nolan fan in the world, but TDK takes this one pretty easily.

Yes, delusional nolan fans are the worst no matter their level of devotion or delusion. Still, what are we gonna do? It's a flawed trilogy but it's a flawed world in which we live.

That's rich coming from the same lifeless drone who created 2 and a half dozen accounts to spam IMDB and this board with delusional Hosanna rants about how, in your mind, everything Marvel puts out is considered better than Nolan's Batman trilogy even thought the vast majority of intelligent critics and fans consider those 3 films, TDK in particular, to be the pinnacle of the genre. Not even fans who prefer Marvel overall would give this round anything but a one sided Curb stomping in favor of The Dark Knight. Nolan's contribution will continue to enrapture film lovers with its rich, fascinating complexity, phenomenal depth and iconic texture. So, feel free to give empty praise to such universally regarded trash as Iron Man 2 and XMOWolverine with as many pseudonyms as you can come up with, but please don't insult our intelligence by trying to imply that you're speaking for anything but a vocal, brainwashed minority.

Dude, you've already used that 'half dozen accounts' argument on this matchup. Get some originality, tsch. Also, that split personalities theory I came up with? Looks pretty plausible to me when I compare these two. Ha, these comments are so frickin' empty. "Look at you, Nolanite!" "Look at you, Marvelite!"

Also, have you even seen every Marvel movie? Knowing they are your least favorite movies and don't watch them to torture yourself, right, or...?

delete this whole thread

I remember watching X:Men TAS as a kid and being tickled by a baller Apocalypse line: "I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you." I feel like that often, especially now that the rest of flickchart has identified the lowest rung on this ladder of cunts.

You know they preserved Chris Nolan's foreskin after his circumcision? I heard it through the grapevine that SM316 keeps it in a hermetically sealed, transparent container on his nightstand atop his Bible. He kisses it every night before he goes to sleep. The foreskin I mean, not the Bible.

I should make more foreskin comments.

I thought the foreskin sandwich comment you made the other day was hilarious, you definitely should make more. A lot happened after I went to bed. Someone has to be the bigger man and let it go because your not going to change each others opinions.

I'll be your martyr. I'll learn to like Marvel _and_ DC if you all stop being weirdos.

"Someone has to be the bigger man" ... cease fire initiated but finger is on the trigger...

The Dark Knight destroys Iron Man 2 on EVERY LEVEL! Acting, action, story, directing, writing...I can really go all day with this...

No it's not.

Probably my favourite thread on this site.

Yikes. This "discussion" has gone to hell.

It's awful Boonmee.

I don't understand why this matchup has gone viral. Must be a deadly feud between Marvel and DC Comics...

Am I the only one pumped up for a fresh discussion once Iron Man 3 is released?

Iron Man 3 will probably live up to The Dark Knight and Inception (I hope). But there are similarities in the Iron Man and Dark Knight trilogy.

What I mean is, am I the only one pumped for a fresh new war that's going to happen? This is hilarious.

I can't wait. This would make a good black comedy as well, The Marvelites vs. Nolan fans. What a film that would be.

If it happens, Kevin Smith should direct it.

Of course he should.

No. David Lynch should direct it. He should make it as a spin-off of Twin Peaks.

It has to be an ultra-violent movie like Clockwork Orange or Kick-Ass.

No. It'll be with a protagonist that likes to do nothing besides drinking Coffee and eating Pie. He'll be called Cale Dooper.

He is a Lynchite.

The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight was a masterpiece compared to the sub par film that is Iron Man 2.With no disrespect towards Robert Downey Jr who literally tied the movie together with him being the only interesting character but Christian Bale completely outplayed him with his performance.

Iron Man 2 is a believable sci-fi story featuring an intellect story that’s wild but has the right amount of humor, angst and drama. Like I remember about Iron Man 1, it delivers the goods. The visual effects are incredible. They did the memory of their boss, the great Stan Winston, proud. Not Marvel’s best film but better than anything Nolan has ever done to be sure.... Trigger has been pulled because douchebag couldn't leave well enough alone. It's on, homes.

With its phenomenal depth, rich complexity and iconic texture, The Dark Knight is a true masterpiece of cinema that easily tops any film Marvel or Favreau have ever contributed. The Dark Knight still stands tall as the greatest comic book film ever associated with the genre. An emotionally gripping drama, a flawless character study of a brilliant psychopath; a smartly constructed crime epic; a crisply shot, high octane, adrenaline-pumping action film; a thrilling adventure piece; a deep, spiritual, richly complex study of the nuanced intricacies of morality and what one must do to achieve what one perceives as the greater good. Combined with bits of witty, subtle and dark humor that never overstay their welcome. All constructed within a film that is so Shakespearean, it even follows his classic 5 act tragedy structure. Truly a film that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the absolute best works of Kurosawa, Kubrick and Hitchcock and the Bard himself. Nolan has more than earned his place among the cinematic elites, and his contribution to cinema and stroytelling will never be forgotten. Read more at

The makers of Iron Man 2 held nothing back. When it works, as it does here, it rekindles even a cynic's movie love. So kudos to Downey, Paltrow, Cheadle, Rockwell, Rourke and especially Favreau! What a film! Visually, it is a sight to behold, with more then impressive special effects. In addition to the SPX, every scene was captivating, whether it was full on armor action or the charismatic “down time” delivered by the best cast possible. Isn’t that what movies are suppose to be about? It’s good to see the response to the movie has been, for the most part, very positive. I’ve noticed that sometimes expectations are unreasonable or some fans are too attached to their comic book preconceived notions. (X-Men and Wolverine fans I’m looking right at you!) Iron Man 2 stayed close enough to its roots and most are judging it as a film first. Whatever the reason, it seems most enjoyed it as much as I did.

The Dark Knight still stands tall as the greatest comic book film ever associated with the genre. An emotionally gripping drama, a flawless character study of a brilliant psychopath; a smartly constructed crime epic; a crisply shot, high octane, adrenaline-pumping action film; a thrilling adventure piece; a deep, spiritual, richly complex study of the nuanced intricacies of morality and what one must do to achieve what one perceives as the greater good. Combined with bits of witty, subtle and dark humor that never overstay their welcome as well as the most talented ensemble of supporting characters in film history. All constructed within a film that is so Shakespearean, it even follows his classic 5 act tragedy structure. Truly a film that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the absolute best works of Kurosawa, Kubrick and Hitchcock and the Bard himself. Nolan's contribution to cinema and storytelling will resonate throughout time and will never be forgotten by those with taste and love for film.

With Iron Man 2 I don't remember when I enjoyed a film this much… oh wait, I do! The year was 2008 and the film was called Iron Man! I remember saying this back then… “This movie works on all of its own terms, there's no cinematic slumming involved in enjoying it. I thought it was smart and the cast really delivered as expected.” All I can say now is “DITTO!” With all these Oscar winners and nominees involved, how could this movie not be great? Without question it truly is the better than most things the genre throws at you these days. Iron Man 2 works on so many levels and makes you draw on just about all of your emotions.

A question for either of you. Has your love for marvel or dc (might be Nolan films, don't know) come from the comics, or just from the films?

"Yes, instead of simply writing a formula for a new type of energy in a notebook and decreeing it to my son in a will immediately after my death, I'll put it inside a ridiculously complicated diorama of a theme park and make a vague statement in a mentally deficient display of hope that he'll somehow "get it" and pray that it doesn't get stolen or destroyed at some point. Oh, and the energy source will also conveniently cure him of a blood disorder I couldn't possibly have known he would acquire in the future." Combined with a Downey who can't portray a drunk effectively (I guess rehab did him a little too good), a one-dimensional villain that they don't know what to do with, numerous Avengers references that contribute nothing and grind the film to a halt, a slumming Cheadle, Jar-Jar Rockwell and a tension-less final battle, it's little wonder why the film is left off whenever discussing GOOD CBM's.

Iron Man 2 is garbage, lucky that movie had RDJ's charisma to stop it from becoming a blockbuster disaster of a film. TDK delivered more than it's intended hype and people clapped in the audiences, due to an amazing Heath Ledger performance and an encapsulating plot.

Iron man was awesome. Iron man 2 was a little disappointing. The dark knight beats both iron man movies.

Sorry if I arrived to the party late, might have missed the point where logic and rationality got shafted here judging by Boonmee's protestations, but how is this even a debate? Iron Man 2 jumped the shark on so many levels, especially considering how good Iron Man and the Avengers were. In a market which is practically saturated with superhero films, this is like comparing Manchester United to Crewe Alexandria. I understand if people find TDK preachy or overrated, and that comic-book fans have their Marvel/DC affiliations, but Iron Man 2 is inexcusable. The film never knows when to shut up, is constantly throwing in as many marketing ploys and pop-culture references (Bill O'Reilly cameo; REALLY!!!??? Are they THAT desparate to get the Fox News demographic on side?), a bunch of stupid characters with no likeable features until the final act, and even then they are few and far between (RDJ looks completely out of his depth with the playboy side of things, but Stark's respectable qualities aren't even hinted at until the last 40 minutes; whereas in the first one he managed to get the balance between playboy and intelligent scientist/philanthropist throughout the film), all the while making a desperate bid to tide things over until the Avengers comes along.

Wow, this is tough..... NOT. Although neither film means that much to me, The Dark Knight is actually decent with one of the most memorable acting performances of the 21st century (Heath Ledger as the Joker). Not tough at all: The Dark Knight.

Damn this is hard,without even an explanation I'm going have to pick Iron Man 2.

Too easy, TDK...Anyways, reading SquareMaster's comments...what is going on? He seems to have every single Marvel flick ranked in the 8000 region on his flickchart and has every Nolan film in his top 10...Suspicious!

TDK .... and it's not even close!! Best Superhero movie ever!

It's as if some of these commenters are advertising the movies they chose....Suspicious, indeed.

Coming 2015: A crime drama in which Hollywood studios replace normal flickcharters, a la Body Snatchers and The World's End, to promote DVD sales of movies that have already been out for years. They get away with their crimes, until GoodFather, played by an unenthused Jay Bauman, put two and two together like a modern Sherlock Holmes, and fight them all on the moon. Starring Armie Hammer as Warner Bros. Representative, Steve Buscemi as Marvel Marketing Manager, Michael Caine as Zyphlon, King of the Moon, and Woody Allen as the woman he loved. Directed by J.J. Abrams, comes. . . FLUNKCHART.

^I don't usually laugh my ass off at internet comments, but this made my day.

Iron Man 2 is good, but it ain't got shit on The Dark Knight.

Yeah, I liked iron man 2 as well, but TDK is easily, EASILY, the winner.

iron man 2 was mediocre. tdk wins easily.

Iron Man 2 was quite a disappointment for me more so because i LOVED first Iron Man. The Dark Knight on the other hand delivered fantastic superhero movie with some great performances. No-brainer for me.

Definitely The Dark Knight.

Dark Knight HANDS. DOWN.

the dark knight of course, a MASTER PIECE

Why of why can't we all get along?

This is a serious conversation? Please... Iron Man 2 is easily the worst Iron Man film. A waste Rockwell and Rourke. Unmemorable in all ways. Stark got his mojo back luckily with the Avengers and IM3.

TDK is a masterpiece of the genre. Iron-Man 2 was terrible. No contest, Bat beats Iron.

this is a no brainer The Dark Knight

IM2 is, despite how popular it is to dislike, one of the best MCU pictures to date, but even The Avengers cannot quite beat TDK.

Give me a break. The Dark Knight wins by far.

TDK wins. Guy with throat cancer is more heroic than guy that pees in his own mask.

TDK is better than ironman 2 in every way possible.Although i don't hate ironman 2 as much as the majority of film fans as well as most of the cast. Christian Bale as batman i believe was my favourite performance in the whole film, even over the legendary performance from heath ledgers joker. Although i still prefer it to the piece of trash that is ironman 3 Ironman 2 was still nowhere near as good as the dark knight. BTW whoever said this film is better than EVERY single nolan film, i know that is your opinion and i respect everyones opinions on this site but, were you serious about that, Ironman 2 isn't better than any of the dark knight trilogy IMO, the prestige, inception, momento etc. Although it isn't technically a nolan film i will agree with you it was better than man of steel.

I love Iron Man 2, but Christopher Nolan outdid himself and a lot of other movies with the Dark Knight.

I am not a big the dark knight fan but it wins out here though. Iron man 2 was a dissapointment

The Dark Knight has been called the modern day Godfather for comic books (and film in general) for too many reasons to count, and all of those comparisons still hold up today. IM2 would be lucky to rank as the 'Analyze That'.

He's still doing it. He's still fucking doing it. The Marvel fans are out to get you, Square! Better post 900 comments more!

Iron Man 2 has its awesome moments, but Dark Knight wins for sure.

Iron Man 2 is in the house.

Best sequel which was TDK while as iron man 2 isn't that simple good special no anything as modern classic story it been.

Best sequel which was TDK while as iron man 2 isn't that simple good special no anything as modern classic story it been.

Best sequel which was TDK while as iron man 2 isn't that simple good special no anything as modern classic story it been.

You know, Endgame actually makes Iron Man 2 better. Such is the beauty of the MCU. Adding depth to films already in the bank.

The dark knight by further miles and it’s not even close.

The Iron Man trilogy is held in higher regard now thanks to Avengers dominance.

The Dark Knight by a wide margin. Better in every single way.

"The Iron Man trilogy is held in higher regard now thanks to Avengers dominance." God knows that this is the truth.

"The Iron Man trilogy is held in higher regard regard now thanks to Avengers dominance." Errrrrr.... nah, Iron Man 2 was still trash IMO. I may change my opinion as I'm trying to marathon a number of franchises in lockdown, the MCU and Nolan Batman trilogy among them, but when I've tried this in the past, I couldn't face watching Iron Man 2 again. I remember watching it between the release of Avengers and Iron Man 3 (I was only really getting into the MCU around that time, playing catch up) and thinking that the whole thing was a mean-spirited, rambling, boring mess of a film. I kind of understand why; they had a number of secondary characters which needed set up without causing detriment to other main characters and Captain America and Thor were still unproven on the big screen, so it made sense to bundle everything into Iron Man 2 as the first one had already laid the groundwork for Tony Stark, but that doesn't change how I feel about the film in general. I have a suspicion that the Dark Knight trilogy may come down a peg in my estimations, as it's been a while since I've seen them and I feel like I'm over the mid-to-late-2000s edgy superhero phase, but on the basis of what I know as of now, as well as the films themselves, The Dark Knight crushes Iron Man 2.

Lmao, The Dark Knight is way better. Not even a big contest, tbh.

If you are talking overall trilogy then Iron Man is superior. There's nothing to debate. If you're talking TDK alone then that's a different story.

The Dark Knight is a film that is critically acclaimed and is widely considered to be the best film of the century. IM2 is a shit fest that no one even acknowledges.Fucking Marveltards can't comprehend what makes a film good. Can't wait for these fanboys to start saying how Thor is better than Godfather. smh.

Basically what this guy has said ^^ The marvel trolls who only vote marvel (probably one single guy) are the only ones who could say that Iron Crap 2 is as good as TDK lol. TDK > Any MCU film.

why does squaremaster lives in mysticspoon's head rent free

Yeah, still can't change reality even in the minds of the feeble. "The Iron Man trilogy is held in higher regard now thanks to Avengers dominance." -word.

Only for delusional fanboys who are completely disconnected from reality. TDK trilogy stomps the Iron Man trilogy.

Iron Man 2 was the weakest of the three yet still delivered dialogue and heart and characters you actually care about.

if marvel studio didn't frick jon up and forced him to make iron man 2 a 2 hours avengers trailer what fontinella said could have been true

Did Nolan kill cinema with his Tenant flop? Seriously.

and what does tenet's flop has to do with the dark knight vs iron man 2

Fuck those people who says im2 better than tdk

Bruh come on; Iron Man 2 is one of the worst MCU films, and The Dark Knight itself is above the MCU. Too easy.

My worst movie of all time vs. my one of the favourite movies of all time, dark knight is in my top but IM2 is my no.1 movie of all time. Sorry!! I forgot to add the two words"from behind" after all time

The Dark Knight is easily better

Iron Man 2 least of the trilogy yet better than Nolan's Batman to be sure. FACT.

literally even the Burton Batman films >>> Iron Man 2

Both Burton Batman films outclasses Iron Man 2 or maybe even Iron Man 3

iron man 2 is one of the worst mcu fim, dark knight owns

Buongiorno my friends! Good day to you all.

It is embarrassing how much Marvel spam there is.

Nolan fans are indeed the worst.

gotta love the double standards back then lol, marvel spammers like avenger7 and cxfate using multiple accounts and nobody bats an eye, square master doing it with one account and everyone loses their minds

Marvel fans like Avenger7 are the worst. Imagine having an hate-boner against a director, and his films because he did a trilogy with a rival company. You also hate almost all DC and Snyder films.

Marvel fans like Avenger7 are the worst. Imagine having an hate-boner against a director, and his films because he did a trilogy with a rival company. You also hate almost all DC and Snyder films.

There’s nothing having proceed of iron man 2 being of a masterful

Iron man 2 stands no chance even if it's one of the better ones

iron man 2 ruined the chance of the iron man trilogy being anywhere close to TDK trilogy's level

My crotch itches. It really does.

Iron Man 2 is still one of the most disappointing Marvel movies

Iron Man 2 is still a Marvel movie when that actually meant something. Pre-Endgame.