Iron Man 2 vs. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness



People like to complain about Iron Man 2 for being a mess, but Multiverse of Madness is a bigger and weirder mess, but also 10x less interesting or entertaining than Iron Man 2

Multiverse of Madness by far, both are much more messy than the first movie and was a drop from quality too. But Multiverse offered much more than Iron Man 2

I don't even think MOM is that "messy" honestly, especially compared to IM2...

All I'll say is: MOM had a Bruce Campbell cameo, IM2 had an Elon Musk cameo... No but seriously: Top 5 easiest choices I've made on this site so far.

MOM stomps, IM2 is really bad


Wanda is better than anything in Iron Man 2

MoM is beyond easy the better film