Iron Man 2 vs. Watchmen



Iron Man 2 is the far better adaptation. Iron Man 2 delivers as much intensity but remembers to have fun. Watchmen is a grim and poorly paced mess of a film.

Iron Man 2 is the much better film. Best movie of 2010.

I really like both. I think this one will depend on my mood.

Iron Man 2 does it better. Watchmen may have been true to the comics but that doesn't always make a good film.

Definitely Watchmen, I absolutely love that film.

Just didn't love Watchmen. Not a huge fan of Iron Man 2, but it wins for me here.

Watchmen hands down for me

Watchmen should not beat Iron Man in anyway, but the sheer brilliance of the movie and the unconquerable hearts of the heroes give this movie the edge.

watchmen destroys no contest

Watchmen made worst of the year lists for a reason. Iron Man 2 gets better and better with age. No contest here at all.

^ troll. Watchmen wins but IM2 was good too.

Wow, Watchmen pretty much destroys Iron Man 2 in every aspect. Iron Man 2 is still the second worst MCU movie till date


Liked both films with a slight edge to Iron Man 2 but this is still up for debate.