Iron Man 2 vs. Alien³



Both films are disappointments when compared to their preceding films, but I like Alien3 the best simply for its style - even if it does feel a bit compromised.

I've already said a lot about why I think one of these is defended too heavily by it's fans, and why I think the other gets too much of a bad rep. So for those of you who see my comments crop up frequently, you'll know that I have no problem or regret in siding with Alien3 on this one.

I really like IM2. Alien 3 on the fucking terrible.

You know shit just got real when JC13 mentions more than just the title of the film in a match-up comment :P

'Alien 3' is an abomination of a movie. Hell, I am offended at just calling it a movie. 'Iron Man 2' does have flaws, it is overall fun, and does necessary world building. So without a doubt 'Iron Man 2'.

Yeah well unlike you Smatticus I don't feel that I have to write 17 fucking paragraphs to get my point across.

Easy man I was just joking around :P

Also, I don't think I've ever written "17 fucking paragraphs" on this website, on the grounds that one does not simply write in paragraphs on Flickchart, unfortunately.

It's alright man, I wasn't sure if you were joking or not. So I apologize for being a douche.

No worries. I'll admit I was being unnecessarily facetious and it wasn't a particularly well thought-out remark. As for the excess writing, I guess I just have a lot to say about films, but you're right, I do tend to rattle on :P

Ha Ha yeah I just misunderstood you and thought that you were taking a shot at me, but it's fine. I also have a lot to say about movies, but I'm just to lazy to type it all out. Ha Ha

Alien 3 biggest problem was that it was just boring. Bland and cartoonish people talk, run and die, there are a few crappy special effects. That's it. It's easily the least engaging of the four original Alien films, which also makes it the least enjoyable of the series. Alien: Resurrection might be crap, but at least it's fun crap. I'd still rather watch Alien3 over Iron Man 2 though, because although Alien3 was a snoozer, Iron Man 2 was a little nightmare.


Alien3. A problematic movie, but at least it felt like it fit the basic requirements to be called a movie. IM2 was a glorified trailer, yet still managed to cram the mother of all Deus Ex Machinas/plot holes into its "stuck in neutral" excuse for a storyline.

Alien3 takes it.


Wow, wasn't a fan of either...but I'll go IM 2...

Two uneven, disappointing sequels. I'll take Alien 3, though. At least it felt like it had some ideas and purpose to it. Iron Man 2 just felt like a corporate advertising management project disguised as a movie.

No way is Iron Man 2 worse then the giant disappointment that was A3. The problems in A3 far outweigh the problems in IM2.

wtf is this, IM2 easily