This Is the End vs. Antichrist



There is a point when penis jokes, and similar humor, become tiresome. This is the End starts out funny. It's even funny in the middle and end at times. Overall, though, the tasteless comedy over stayed its welcome. Pot jokes, and drug jokes, really have over stayed their welcome. There were some moments resembling greatness in This is the End. Just not enough to transcend the tired bits. Antichrist is unpleasantly entertaining. Maybe a bit too unpleasant, and genital mutilation is not generally cool. BUT, there are no penis jokes.

I'd pick Antichrist. It's no contest. Why? Because both films have very different ambitions, and although I loved This is the End, it doesn't match the ambitiousness of Antichrist. Yes, it's unpleasant, and yes, it's uneasy, but that doesn't make it any less of a terrific film either. Antichrist gets the easy victory!

Pot jokes will NEVER overstay their welcome. Antichrist was unpleasant and it got under my skin. That's not to say that I don't like movies that get under my skin. I rate Irreversible and Bug highly, off the top of my head. Cronenberg too. I just didn't find Antichrist entertaining.

Antichrist did nothing for me. Easy victory for This is the End...

Yep, This is the End.