Apollo 13 vs. Back to the Future



Ranking number 10,000... "I've seen it.."

You know I would have though I'd go Back to the Future, but when I saw this matchup my first thought was Apollo 13. Going my first instinct.

No way i can vote against Back to the Future here!

I water up every time I see Apollo 13. That movie tugs on my heart strings like few do. A13 edges Back to the Future my a narrow margin.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future for sure.

I don't fault anybody for choosing Apollo 13 here; these are both tops on my list. But Back to the Future edges it out.

Going with Back to the Future on this one. While Apollo 13 is magnificent, I just love the first adventure of Mary McFly.

As pretty much the only person in the world whose favourite film is Apollo 13 and thinks that BttF is an entertaining, decent but slightly overrated piece of 80s nostalgia-bait... well, go figure :P

I love Apollo 13 for sure. I've got a new love for Back to the Future.