Apollo 13 vs. Moon



Hard decicion, but going with the Historical Drama vs. Great Sci-Fi.

Not too hard for me. Apollo 13...Ed Harris steals the show...

Apollo 13 is a great encapsulation of what I love about both movies and the space program. But Moon was really a welcome statement about what sci-fi movies can and should be, and was very compelling. Then again, it has less rewatch value. Apollo 13 wins, but good matchup.

Not hard for me- but I'm on Moon's side.

Moon is definitely a cool and unique film, but Apollo 13 is on another level. The great thing about Apollo 13 is that what was happening on the ground was even more compelling than what was going on in space. It's just great watching the Gary Sinise and Ed Harris characters (along with others, of course) figure out a way to get those three astronauts back to Earth. Awesome stuff.

Moon is a great film, but Apollo 13 is my number 1 film of all time. Caesar and antagonist117 pretty much sum up why. It will probably never bettered for me.

Moon blows me away every single time. Apollo 13 was a very well-done film. Moon.

Apollo 13 was an entertaining quality film, but it has never managed to effect me like the greats on par with Moon.