Apollo 13 vs. Return of the Jedi



This one caused me a lot more difficulty than I expected. I guess I'll go with Return of the Jedi.

Unfair. I really like Apollo 13 and want to put it on record. But I can't vote against Star Wars...

I've got Apollo 13 on this one.

Apollo 13 is the greatest real life space film easy but JEDI is a legend so many great scenes its one of the best fantasy films ever ill take it here.

Return of the Jedi. I thought Apollo was actually just kind of average. Maybe I'll need to revisit it again.

Apollo 13 is one of those movies that makes you feel good every time you watch it. Return of the Jedi, though, just wows you into voting for it over Apollo 13.

Which to chose Real life vs. Science Fiction. Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is in my top 150, but Jedi is one of a kind for me....

Jedi was absolutely my favorite movie as a kid. Probably until around the time I saw Apollo 13 in the theater. Apollo 13 currently rests at #6 on my chart, while Jedi is merely within my Top 100. It's not even my favorite Star Wars anymore...

I don't think that real life based drama can beat fantasy based sci-fi for me.