Apollo 13 vs. Jaws



Number 1 and number 3. Like choosing between my own children. They're both equal films IMO, but Apollo 13 wins on the basis that Jaws, while an amazing film, is slightly offensive to me in terms of its portrayal of sharks and the perpetually negative impact it had on conservation. This would be even more detrimental to its credibility if a) it hadn't inspired me to go and find out more about them (always the hallmark of a good film, no matter how fictitious it may be), b) I were unable to separate the fiction from the facts, which I am and c) it weren't so fucking amazing and influencial as a film. So close, but Apollo 13 is still my absolute favourite of all time.

In terms of quality, they may very well be equal films. And yet, without any hesitation, I pick Apollo 13 in this matchup. It's simply a matter of one movie being more a part of my life than the other. I've seen Apollo 13 enough times that I can recall nearly the entire movie, scene by scene. Jaws, on the other hand, is a movie that I somehow managed to have never seen until within the last year. For that reason (most likely), it just doesn't have the same hold on me that Apollo 13 does. That's just how it goes sometimes...

Apollo 13. But this literally can...and will...probably change on a daily basis....

Apollo 13 is a very, very solid movie that avoids a lot of the pitfalls that many films of its kind fall into. Still, it has to be Jaws (Spielberg's best film, imo).

I know what you mean Caesar, but I grew up with both of these movies. Along with Jurassic Park, these two are probably the most integral movies in my life, certainly of any film I watched under the age of 10. The difference is that while JP is still a good film, it doesn't hold up as well as these two anymore. And I agree with Boonmee; Jaws is DEFINITELY Spielberg's best film. Also just like to add, my comment says "unable to separate the fiction from the facts, which I am", by which I mean, "I am able to separate the fiction and the facts".

Apollo 13 gets the win because of a better story and better effects.

I'm surprised that Jaws is getting beat down. Both are amazing pieces of film making. Jaws is better imo

Jaws. Jaws. Jaws. Jwas.

Unbelievable. Apollo 13 because the ending and the music are better