Zombie Strippers vs. Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS



on 3/13/2012

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS is definitely in poorer taste than Zombie Strippers. Dyanne Thorne is hotter than Jenna Jameson, that is true. The problem is that Ilsa is so sadistic and gross that I can't even look at it as a really twisted comedy. Zombie Strippers is gross and tasteless, but never just plain nasty. The constant torture and degradation becomes tedious in Ilsa much quicker than the dumb humor in Zombie Strippers.

on 6/20/2014

Ilsa SS isnt a comedy its a shocksploitation film and based on real events and experiments sort of a soft core porno but a great horror film a true visionary film of the day with great gore and acting thats on point its shocking but thats the point it makes you feel your never bored and theres a revenge angle in there as well-While the lesser and worse Zombie Strippers is more a parody of the Sexpliotational horror genre with awful effects and acting yet kinda fun in a low key so bad its ok kinda way!