Justice League vs. Zack Snyder’s Justice League



I only watched "Jossice League" for the first time around Christmas and, yeah, it was pretty terrible. It felt rushed, underdeveloped, tonally inconsistent and was just plain visually terrible. I had no expectations for the Snyder Cut and yet came out basically loving it. It's less somber and theme-y than the previous two Snyder DCEU movies yet I found all the characters compelling now that they had the proper development and a lot of the action sequences were purely epic. The climax honestly rivalled the one of Avengers Endgame. It made me want more of Ben Affleck's Batman and Erza Miller's Flash. And Cyborg was truly the heart of the movie and not just a complete throwaway. It does have problems however. While the four hours flew by, the editing needed to be tighter. The first third was pretty incoherent and there are scenes, ain particular the final ten minutes, that amounted to nothing other than setting up Justice League 2 (a film that will most likely never be made). It also had so much going on that some parts didn't feel as developed as they could've been, such as the villains (while better) are still quite weak and the "Man Of Steel" cast were oddly absent of the vast majority of the runtime. Despite all this, it gave me everything I had wanted. The new scenes added so much more depth, the old scenes are recontextulised to be more engaging. It follows the same story beats for sure but there was so much more depth and meaning the second time around. I'm also just glad in this current Hollywood system, the fans were listened to and a director got to tell the story he wanted to tell. That will always get marks for me!

all i know is that there will be no way it would be worse than josstice league

I really wasn't expecting much from the Snyder cut given how much of a mess the theatrical version was and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed a fair bit of it. I've never really enjoyed the DCEU, BvS in particular showed such a fundamental lack of understanding of the characters that I've never been able to get past. I hold the studio responsible for rushing the series to get to the big team up movie without doing giving us more of a chance to see the characters develop in other movies so there's a lot of this that still doesn't work for me here. At 4 hours and a lot more character development to force in it really can drag. The first hour is painfully slow and the slow motion is excessive even by Snyder's standards. The ending really dragged for me as well and the last 15 minutes or so didn't need to be there. All that being said, this is a much better film than the Whedon cut. It looks a lot better, a lot of the worst jokey moments are gone, the villain is actually pretty good and makes more sense and a couple of the big fight scenes were pretty spectacular. There is some really good stuff here, I doubt I'll ever watch it again but die hard fans will love it and I'm genuinely happy for Snyder that he got to finish his vision for the movie.

Snyder's version is better. But still shit.

Exactly. Still garbage. Snyder's version may technically be better but it's still an awful movie. Just longer to endure.

Snyder's was much more enjoyable....

I still can't believe it, but not only is the Snyder Cut superior to Josstice League, but it's actually a solid movie in its own right.

Bad versus epic bad still results in bad. The Snydey Cut is just four hours you need not spend.

Worst DCEU movie vs. Best DCEU movie.... Yeah ZSJL murderstomps, these movies are separated by universal distances in quality.

I saw minimal improvement in quality and an absurdly unnecessary increase in length. Both are mediocre cringefests.

I think Mauler summed it up best with “It is a fatter, sh*t-er, Josstice League. That’s the real hot take to come away with, but it’s the truth.”

I don’t get how you guys can watch both versions and find “minimal improvement”, did you guys actually watch the 4 hours

I literally snickered at Zack's cut the entire first hour. Laughed at it. It's disjointed and WORSE than Joss' cut for the first half of it's running time. From the point where Superman shows up through the conclusion, Zack's version is somewhat better. Still a CGI cartoonish mess but better. Then, the nonsensical EPILOGUE got me to snickering again. WTF was that???? Overall, you can now understand why Whedon cut the hell out of that bloated mess of a script and already shot scenes.

expected that reaction from you lol

i don't get how people can think that josstice league is better than ZSJL. sure you can think it is mediocre or even bad, but it is def an improvement over josstice league

Both are simply bad any way you judge them. I'll take less of bad in terms of run time.