Children of Men vs. Aliens



Goddamnit....this may be the hardest choice yet.......damnit.

It is tough. Children of Men is a work of art. So is Aliens, in its way. It's one of the two greatest action movies ever made. I have realized since joining Flickchart that the two greatest action movies ever made were made by James Cameron (the other being T2), and both of them are the only two pure action movies I would pick over Children of Men.

Children of Men just has so much more to offer than Aliens

My opinion has changed slightly here. I'm still voting for Aliens, but Children of Men would beat out T2.

Children of Men was one hell of a thrill ride when I first saw it and Aliens was one hell of an action film when I first saw it. Aliens. It flawlessly combines both action and sci-fi to create one unforgettable film.

I need to watch aliens again cause I think the last time i saw it i was like 10 and its tough to fairly rate it when you dont remember a whole lot. So I will go with children of men right now but will rewatch aliens soon and see if my opinion changes

I dont see all the love for Children of Men i didnt think it was all that great, Aliens now is perfection, quotable, awesome, one of the best scifi action films ever made and cameron's best