Children of Men vs. Gravity



Considering how much I love one and hate the other, it's hard for me to believe these two movies came from the same director. For whatever reason, Children of Men just doesn't do it for me at all. Gravity? Yeah, that one blew me away. Easy choice...

Children of Men; Gravity is fantastic but COM just has more weight to it and just it's moments of humanity are more inspiring. Great film with fantastic suspense.

I'm sticking with Children of Men.

I want to say Gravity because it's so fresh in my mind, but COM has the slight edge. Could change at any time...

Both blew me away in completely different ways; CoM for its storytelling and Gravity for its beautiful visuals. I walked away from both with lasting impressions that remained with me for days afterward. I saw Gravity only two days ago and I keep thinking about it and analyzing it. As stated above, it is the fresh film in my mind and is the one I'm going with. Both are dazzling though.

Cuáron is a beast,period. Hard to to take a pick here. I guess i'll stick with COM...superb plot and pothead Michael Caine.

Definitely Children of Men. I really liked Gravity, but some of it was a bit too formulaic and unnecessarily cheesy (Clooney's character and some of his dialogue in particular). And I just found Children of Men more impressive overall.

Children of Men because it had a rich and excellent story and better screenplay and characters than Gravity. Both had fantastic visuals, but Children of Men is definitely better overall.

Yeah, I think Children of Men wins. It connected with me more on an emotional level and had a truly engaging story.

Children of Men is Cuáron's masterpiece

Children of Men, although, they are both stunning

I just watched both of these for the first time. Gravity is easily one of the most visually stunning films I've ever scene, but the story is really nothing special. I was also let down by the fact that they never fully embraced the theme of isolation. Overall it was still a good movie. Children of Men is also a nice looking film, but it also has the much more impressive/interesting story of the two. If you ask me, this is a pretty easy win for Children of Men.

Cuáron succeeds tremendously with both films, but Children of Men is the more engaging film.

Children of Men is much decent, Gravity just didn't go usual much here.


Children of Men over Gravity.