Dumbo vs. Bambi



Among my least favorite Disney Animated flicks. Thumper vs. Pink Elephants? Thumper


Thumper sealed it for me.

I'm not very into either of these, probably because they both traumatized me as a kid. Bambi is slightly less depressing.

Two powerful films that had great influence on me as a child. My parents divorced while I was young, so these two resonated strongly with me. I adore "Flower," but "Dumbo" makes me want to cry. I have to pick it for the way it still gets to me emotionally. That is, after all, the whole point of art; to reach us on an intimate level.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to be traumatized by Dumbo. I love the Baby Mine song/scene even if it makes me cry, but the rest of the film is a depressing trip of a film. I have very little memory of Bambi other than cute animals, but it's winning just for that.