Dumbo vs. Toy Story 3



Time just froze...in my brain. Cried at Dumbo, did not at TS3 so that decides it, but only just.

Dumbo gets me every single time.

Toy Story 3 is brilliant!

Hmm, a couple of animated movies that tug at the ol' heartstrings...with Toy Story 3 being the utterly superior of the two.

Toy Story 3 but both are really moving movies emotionally.

Though neither made me cry, Toy Story 3 brought me near tears, whereas Dumbo did not. It was cute, and the pink elephants scene was wonderfully trippy, but I didn't have nearly the same amount of emotional involvement in Dumbo as I did in Toy Story 3.

Wow, I must sound like a cold hearted bastard to say that I didn't like Dumbo...like much at all! TS 3 remains one of my favorite films. It wins by a million miles

I did enjoy Dumbo but it isn't a movie I would be in a hurry to watch again. Toy Story 3 wins easily!