Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol vs. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation



Rogue Nation is great, but Ghost Protocol still the better of them all.

Ghost Protocol has slicker action, a better team aspect, and it ties together better on a whole. Still, MI 3 and onward has been a truly terrific trilogy!

I found Rogue Nation to be the better paced of the two. It's my pick for best of the series.

Rogue Nation seems to be a slightly watered down version of Protocol. And good lord Paula Patton is stunning.

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I second jayrmoore's comment.

I gotta go with the majority here...


I really like both but Rogue Nation had a better villain and I found the action a little more creative.

Ghost Protocol...not even a question

gp felt better.

rogue nation

Ghost Protocol contains what I want in a spy film! Rogue Nation is decent but it tried too hard to take what was great about Ghost Protocol and tried to 1-up it. I just personally underwhelmed! 4>1>3>5>2.

On second thought, I'll go with the minority opinion. Both are really good, though.

ghost protocol is much better