Roger & Me vs. Detroit Rock City



One movie was my education in documentary film-making and progressive politics, the other a love letter to a band that dominated my musical tastes for many of my formative years. Sadly, I think I've grown old enough to realize the limitations of each. As I feel that I've come to embody more of the values more espoused by Roger & Me and realize that not only was the movie an informative, well-intentioned and entertaining movie that allowed Michael Moore to tell similar stories for years to come along with one of the greatest comedies of all time in Canadian Bacon, it has just come to hold a special place for me. It also sparked a lifelong interest in politics and public service in me that has stayed with me to this day. IMoore's work is not without its biases and he's been known to frame depictions in such ways that mislead his viewers, but it was still a big movie for me, for good or ill. Detroit Rock City was a fantastic adventure, funny and perfectly embodied the spirit of the fans to whom it was paying homage, but as I've grown older and more disenchanted with how Kiss was handled its own legacy, it has moved me further away from the absolute love I once had for this movie. It's still great, just not as good as Roger & Me.