G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra vs. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen



Enjoyed both but GI JOE totally beat Revenge of the Fallen. GI JOE had better pacing, less stupid humour, cooler characters and I also like how each character play a role while in transformers it was basically 'optimus, bumblebee and those twins..while the rest of the bots just shoot and didn't had much lines'

This is a battle of the two most over-inflated budgets of the year...shame on you Paramount for financing such garbage. Going with Transformers bc of the vastly superior CGI (if there is such a thing)

Both had a lot of action, and pretty bad stories. Out of the two, G.I. Joe was kinda fun, but still stupid, whereas Revenge of the Fallen was mind-numbingly bad. Oh, dear GOD, I hate the Twins.

Of the two, the makers of G.I. Joe remembered that it was based on a line of TOYS, and targeted the script accordingly. For me, Transformers was the most ill-judged film of 2009.

I agree with easilydissolved and BikerScout, above. G.I.Joe was stupid and childish, whereas Transformers 2 was bloated, confusing, insulting, unfunny, and just about painful to sit through.