Safe House vs. Salt



Similar-type movies. Safe House wins

Both are trully forgettable.

I thought I would like both better. For Safe House, I was predicting the twists before they happened, just by the position of the camera, that's not a good thing. It just reveals that I have seen this stuff so many times, and they haven't put any energy into making it original. Cliche to my jaw!! (I'm 6 foot 6) Safe House wins, lol. Salt not even worth mentioning.

I want to see Denzel change direction for his next few movies. If he continues on the current path, his movies will decline, along with his popularity. Hopefully not a full 360 either, no corny movies, PLEASE.

I really enjoyed Salt I thought it was really fun Safe House was ok I won't be re visiting that anytime soon so I will go with Salt