The Shining vs. Carrie




As far as older Stephen King adaptions go, these two are my favorites. All 3 Darabont adaptions are better, imo, but I really like the unique take on these films.

Arguably the most famous of Stephen King's adaptations, with both launching great directors into main stream consciousness. Honestly, The Shining, while still a great film, is an over celebrated film, actually marking one of the weakest films in Kubrick's canon. Carrie wins for me, because as much as I try I can never completely forget Sissie Spacek as Carrie.

The Shining beats Carrie in my book

If we rated just by the acting alone, Piper Laurie and Sissy Spacek (both in Carrie) wins easily.

I think The Shining's tone is more consistent than Carrie's, but I prefer the story and performances in the latter.

The Shining gets the nod....

Never was a huge fan of The Shining. Much preferred the mini-series and Carrie is an all time favorite. BTW still like the Shining since recently watched it but its never been one of my favorites.

The Shining is Stephen King’s best story novel.


I guess Carrie is a neat little horror classic but it doesn't stand a chance against The Shining!

The Shining by far.