The Shining vs. Grease



Both were mostly-brilliant movies with a few serious flaws. This is a tough one, but I think I'm going to give it to Grease, because their problem was really only with the seriously twisted ending, while The Shining had off moments throughout.

The Shining takes it for sure.

Having huge trouble with this one . . . guess I'll just go with the one with more big wheels in it.

Grease's message is fucked up.

My Favorite Musical that is bizarre and really fun but twisted vs my Favorite Bizarre and Twisted Horror film! well I do love both but I have to go with the Shining I like all of its details and hidden messages more than the ones in Grease!

The Shining is flawless! Artistic, complex and terrifying. Grease sucks. No let me rephrase that. Grease is so so terrible. Even if you have nostalgia for the 1950s you shouldn't look pass the bad script and acting!

Grease is so bad.


This is a thing?