The Shining vs. The Evil Dead



The Shining is one hell of a movie but I think I like The Evil Dead just a little bit better.

Two classics but I have to go with The Shining. Jack Nicholson is so believable it's crazy! One of the greater performances I've seen. Those twins still creep the hell out of me!

Thought about it for a minute...but I actually prefer Evil Dead 2 over the original. The Shining speaks for itself...

The Shining. Consistently frightening and fascinating.

The Shining is far from being my favorite Stanley Kubrick film, but it doesn't need to be to top The Evil Dead.

I'm taking The Evil Dead.

Two classic horror films from the 80s both in my top 20 but The Evil Dead is closer to number 1 so that means that The Evil Dead wins herray

Definitely a Sophie's Choice. I'm gonna have to go with Evil Dead because it's not as constipated as the Shining.

Not a huge fan of either to be honest. They are both good but not "Go-To" movies for me. I'll take Shining.

The Shining for me, love them both though.

Im not even a fan of these kinds of movies , but evil dead 2 was just so memorable...

Two of my favorite movies, both horror masterpieces. The Evil Dead gets the edge.