The Shining vs. Blade Runner



This is a tough one. (does the maze really say "The Shining" in the movie?

tough, tough one

easy peasy, way to sleasy. Shining ass, Blade Runner holy god of films

Blade Runner, the Shinning is good but Blade Runner is heaps better and thought provoking

That's a hard one. One is the best horror movie ever and the other is my favourite scifi... In a genre way I prefer scifi over horror, so I'd say Blade Runner

Here's Johnny!!

The Shining easy

OOO. The shining, it means more to me.

Oh Shit. Possibly best sci-fi ever made vs possibly best horror ever made. Shining has the edge.

Blade Runner by a tiny bit.

I really love Blade Runner, but this is The Shining sneaking back into my top 100, guaranteed. Batty's monologue is more emotional than The Shining, but that film is just so impressively concrete.

The Shining

not even close. The shining was absolutely terrible. LIke, burningly terrible. Blade runner was awesome.

I slightly prefer The Shining but make no mistake -- they are two masterpieces. Absolute game-changing masterpieces.

The shining

The Shining is a flat out masterpiece!

blade runner is great, but it can't compare to the perfection of the shining

The Shining>Blade Runner.


The Shining shines over Blade Runner.

Blade Runner > The Shining, Blade Runner to this day feels so much more unique than almost any other film in the sci-fi industry.

As much as i love science fiction, horror owns my heart as my favorite genre. I have to give the edge to Kubrick here.

Gotta go with Blade Runner. There's just more going on in it.