The Shining vs. The Green Mile



Love The Green Mile, but The Shining is a masterpiece.

The Shining was so ahead of it's time and still stands among the best as a disturbing and creepy piece of film.

Best Stephen King's adaptation. The Shining

So damn close. The Green Mile is pretty much completely heavy drama, while Shining is the opposite. The difference between the two for me is one spot, but The Shining it is.

Shining. Green Mile sucked, just like Shawshank Redemption.

I guess I'd rather watch Shining

As much as I respect Kubrick, I prefer Darabont’s direction of Stephen King’s works (Green Mile & Shawshank) over Kubrick’s direction of King’s work.

Definitely The Shining for me. More captivating and thought provoking I think.

The Green Mile is better than The Shining 1980 and so is The Shawshank Redemption.


The Shining shines here.

Green Mile deserves a rewatch but for now The Shining reigns supreme!