The Shining vs. It



I loved It - it was awesome! But The Shining is still the best Stephen King movie.

The Shining. Its mysteriously ambiguous angle makes it more endearing.

The CGI in IT kinda sucked. I hated his teeth. I'll take Shining.

Ya, translating the fantasy and supernatural elements and imagery from the page to the screen poses a problem to Stephen King adaptations. If the transition is not done correctly it can result in moments that tonally stray into the absurd, resulting in reactions like the one given by Systemofadown. Though I really enjoyed "It" I couldn't shrug off the feeling that it was teetering between a flat-out adult horror flick and a serious drama about adolescent problems. The effect was mixed, and couldn't quite match the chills of The Shining. To be fair, though, the 4-0 score in this match-up says more about The Shining's greatness than "It's" failings, which were few.

^ Fuck that. As Steve Austin would say, if you put the first two letters of "Shining" in front if "It", you've got my exact opinion of the latest Stephen King Adaptation.

I guess you're talking about "Gerald's Game". Perhaps Mr. Mercedes? The Mist TV series? Heh.

It is too confused with its tone as well as being sterile. Where’s the heart? *but it’s a fun coming of age story, the sequel is gaining a lot of hype right now*. It loses, get off my property. Send out the next Stephen King adaption.

It was fantastic, but I just can't pick it over The Shining....

Both are greatest Stephen King stories but the Shining is certainly far better.

The Shining is the best horror movie of all time and one of the best movies of all time.