The Shining vs. Full Metal Jacket



Two brilliant Kubrick films but there can be only one: The Shining by a slim margin. One of my top 20 (according to this site, it's #11).

Full Metal Jacket is arguably more entertaining, but The Shining is a work of art.

After a lot of debate, The Shining wins. Slightly.

I think the shining wins out. To me, it boiled down to Ermy vs. Jack Nicholson. Jack wins.


Easily Full Metal Jacket.

Boy...very tough. I'd almost have to blindly pick...and that would be the Jacket...

The Shining is the perfect horror film, while Full Metal Jacket has the most perfect boot camp scene in a war film. That being said, the boot camp scene is the only worthwhile mention for FMJ. The Shining is strong throughout its entire runtime.

I cannot decide, I think im gonna go with FMJ for now

Full Metal Jacket

Okay, these are starting to get good... The Shining vs. Full Metal Jacket is a tough one.

Both are great Kubrick films, but one is more great ... The Shining.

Full Metal Jacket for me, but both are great.

Two masterpieces from a genius director, Mr. Kubrick. The Shining is actually my favorite film of his. Full Metal Jacket is not far behind though, both spectacular films in their own right.

Full metal jacket is still the weakest of the kubrick films

The Shining is the superior Kubrick flick.

Gotta give it to The Shining here.


FMJ is overrated. Shining is an absolute masterpiece.

The Shining. FMJ is brilliant though.

Full Metal Jacket. Jack goes crazy too soon in The Shining, when it's supposed to be about an ordinary, loving husband and father slowly descending into madness.

i enjoyed both movies but i think that full metal jacket was a more enjoyable for me

Full Metal Jacket is so bad that I can’t believe Kubrick made it. Where’s the artistic complexity of his other movies? This was just a unfunny mess of a film. The Shining wins hands down!

I might just be biased because I prefer horror films to war films, but The Shining is better than Full Metal Jacket in my opinion, although I think the two movies aren't exactly comparable. I suppose you could classify both of them as horror movies, but they are considered 'horror' for very different reasons.

I personally prefer The Shining, but FMJ is really good

Shining without a doubt.