The Shining vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind



This is like comparing apples to volkswagons...

The Shining is one of the best horror movies ever, and Close Encounters falls short for a Sci-Fi movie.

"Close Encounters" is a fun sci-fi film. Calling "The Shining" a fun horror film is like calling "Oliver Twist" a good children's book. Kubrick is an artist on a level that Spielberg can't even comprehend, much less equal.

There is no match to Kubrick's genius.

Two lackluster "classics" from two of our greatest filmmakers. And both films, while superficially very different, suffer from the same flaws. They are both a series of setpieces in search of plot momentum or a compelling lead character. I never much cared about either of the leads or their plights, because neither seemed to have any inner life beyond their obsessions. I'll give it to The Shining just for more overall entertainment value.

The Shining. This is not even really that close.

The Shining in a close call for me...