The Shining vs. Finding Nemo



This is not easy.

The Shining because of its complexity. I've never thought that much about a horror movie before. Crazy stuff.

two of the best films ever made. going with the Shining because I'm a Kubrick stan. The Master

i agree not easy

Two of the most overrated movies I've ever seen. My sense of Finding Nemo requires no deep justifications. It's just a soppy movie centered on a group of cringe-worthy characters. The Shining is beautifully shot, really well acted... and soooo fucking boring. Folks can project, pretend and read in all the subtext they want, wax philosophical about imagery and symbolism that may or may not be intentional, rap about social commentary... but fuck all that screeching. The Shining is slow and tedious. It suffers from the same malady that virtually every other "atmospheric" horror movie suffers from - deference to nothingness. Dull.

If you don't like the movie, don't even think about giving the book a try. It's one of King's lamest books and simply over-the-top, overlong and dull. Oh, how scary; a killer fire-hose! (At least it's not as boring as Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness though; it was the dullest way possible to tell a most interesting story)

King has always been a hit and miss writer for me. Some of his prose is quite elegant, but overlong is the right descriptor. I recently read On Writing and nearly lost my mind. Yeah, he's one of the most "professional" writers there is - he's a thoroughbred in the game - but his style does so very little for me.

I am surprised you find The Shining 'boring' I need some explanation here because The Shining is the reason why so many people were attracted to the horror genre many describe it as an 'epic' horror film. The Shining is the 'ultimate horror film' and probably the best horror film ever made and for me it is not even debatable because it is obvious, it completely refreshed the horror genre during the 80's, the same can be said of Psycho or The Exorcist (it is not my kind horror film but I still recognise its grandeur), the directors behind those horror films are still the best at what they do because they were also inspired by books, documentaries and true life experiences and all of that stimulated their motivation and their sensibility, financial budget or income always came after as essentials.

The Shining still stands to today's standards even if I don't give a shit about it.

The simple explanation is that the straight horror genre does very little for me. I can switch of by virtue of the fact that directors feel as though they need to "build atmosphere" by limiting the happenings on screen. There's just not enough going on in a lot of these movies, particularly in the first act. Give me dialogue... give me anything that can hold my attention. Make my brain work. After 45 minutes I've alread switched off. I'm asleep. The less well-crafted horrors, or indeed the ones that fuse genres, can keep me stimulated. I feel the same way about the Exorcist, which also bored me half to death, and Texas Chainsaw, for instance, was one of the dullest movie experiences and probably sits in my bottom 10 movies. There are exceptions (The Omen, Psycho), but they are few and far between.

As a horror fan I guess we don't feel the same way about slow, tense build up (high) psychological horror films but I love it because for me it makes me want to enjoy the film even more because in a Haunted hotel film, you know that at the end something really bad is going to happen, in fact the axe scenes at the almost end of the Shining is even more satisfying and rewarding to watch because if you were attentive and comprehensive throughout the beginning of the film you would know that something terrible and inevitable is going to happen, that makes you want to watch the film with even more attention and interest. If you don't really like high psychological horror films avoid Jacob's ladder at all cost even me as a massive horror fan I was quite bored despite my efforts to keep watching it. Just tell me what kind of horror films you like the most (body horror, Slasher, religious horror) and I can recommend you some horror films.

I guess you could say I dislike the 'waiting to pay-off ratio' in straight/"high" horror movies. I'm for more inclined to enjoy a Sci-Fi Horror, Horror Comedy, Torture Porn or even, to some degree, a Religious/Satanic Horror.. Anything that can distract me from the waiting with creativity and flair.

Considering you probably watched quite a lot of the most popular horror films affiliated to these different kind of horror, I made a list of horror films you maybe haven't watched yet: Sci-Fi Horror: -Videodrome (In my opinion, literally the best sci-fi horror film suitable for you it is even combined with juicy body horror) -Re-animator (Perfect for you as well). -The Fly (so gruesome!) -The cabin in the woods (Inspired by the evil dead) -Phantasm (funny shit) Horror comedy: - Shaun of the dead (It is highly likely you watched it already because it is the very best of horror comedy) - Army of darkness (With Ash of Evil dead) - Dead alive (You probably watched it already but it is especially black humour) - Creepshow (this funny shit will make laugh for sure) - Killer clowns from outerspace (kinda bad but scary in a funny way) Torture Porn: -Hostel (I think you already watched it as well, but it is the very best) -Hellraiser (My favourite horror film of all time it will tear your soul apart) -Salo or the 120 days of sodom (You will suffer watching this) -The last house on the left (really disturbing and uncomfortable to watch) -Cannibal Holocaust (I can't even describe it, I have no words for this...) -Terrifier (It does have the most violent and brutal torture scene of all time no kidding!) -A serbian film (...) Religious/satanic Horror: -The Wicker man (You maybe watched it already but it is definitely a nice experience) -The exorcist III (Including the best jump scare of all time) -Hellraiser III (Lol this one is a completely messed up hellraiser film but it may be in your favor) -Chidren of the Corn (I haven't watch it but if you like creepy children having their own creepy cult go for it) -The devils (Involving sex phantasms as well) So that's my list, let me know what you think about it.


The ultimate horror film easily wins this and it you were bored you must have a short attention span.

Ear knows me too well and I do indeed have a short attention span. What can I say? I (usually) need quick pacing and a lot of data thrown at me in cascades. ---- I enjoyed parts of Videodrom (gotta love James Woods), but I was pretty stoned so my recall of it isn't great. I enjoyed The Fly a lot as a youngster (gotta love Jeff Goldblum too), and it still kinda holds up. Really enjoyed Cabin in the Woods (what a great couple years for Whedon) and Shaun of the Dead. It's not my favourite of the Cornetto trilogy, but it grows on me with each watch. Hostel, Army of Darkness and Hellraiser all fall in the same area for me - parts are absolutely brilliant, but there are bits that I'm indifferent to. I really like Pinhead, actually. I think the design of the puzzle box, the vision of hell, and Pinhead really are peak 80's horror imagery. Classy stuff. I don't remember much about Hellraiser 3, however. Terrifier (2017) I've seen. Watched it with my brother and, if I recall, neither of us were particularly engaged. I haven't seen the original Wicker Man, but I do love Nic Cage's version. Naahht the beeeees!!! (I also love Kiss of the Vampire. Nic Cage does cheese like nobody else.) Yet to see the others, so muchos gra-see-ass for the recomendations, man. I'm moving Dead Alive and Re-animator to the top of my list. Probably The Devils too...because sex phantasms sounds like my jam. I'll keep you posted, homie. Nice one.

I am glad you liked my list man! 'Sex phantasms sounds like my jam' nice one! you made me laugh!

The Shining, not even close... Finding Nemo is a great animated film but it stands no chance against the greatest horror movie of all time.

I like the kid's movie better. The Shining is good too.