The Shining vs. Apocalypse Now




Tough choise...the best horror movie VS the best war movie. As far as it goes they're both almost perfectly made, and the actor perforamances are great in both, maybe less in shining. Apocalypse Now has a perfect casting and Shining has Shelly Duvall. Point goes to Apocalypse, sorry Kubrick

Well, I would rather see Apocalypse than The Shining... but that's just cause I'm a coward, and The Shining is the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Apocalypse Now. No contest

Wow. I don't even know how to choose just one of these films here.

Close call. Coppola was an absolute beast in the 70's and Kubrick was an absolute beast (almost) throughout his entire career. The cinematography in each of these films is some of the best ever. Both of them have a great atmosphere as well. I'll take Apocalypse Now.

I'll also take AN, but both are masterpieces.

Both films are masterpieces and absolutely perfect but I like the Shining slightly more than Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now is late for its rewatch, and The Shining is fantastic!


Innovative filmmaking on display in both but gotta go The Shining 'cause it's a unique horror epic. And there ARE richer war films that hit you harder than Apocalypse Now, imho.

Both of them describe how great filmmaking can be! Shining for it's symbolism and chilling atmosphere and AP for its cinematography and editing. The Shining downright haunted me but still put me in awe at how well constructed of a film it was! I was in awe in AP's filmmaking and realistic war scenes but I didn't connect with it like I did with The Shining!

The Shining nails here...

Gonna have to say Apocalypse Now, it’s literally a perfect war movie uncovering every aspect there was to its setting.

Both in my top 20, but one in my top 5. AN wins no doubt for me but The Shining is the greatest horror of all time imo.

I guess this is a matter of taste.