Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers vs. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers



Baby Danielle's first adventure was definitely better than her second.

I like Halloween 4 better. I liked the plot in this one more than Halloween 5's plot. I also think the mask in Halloween 4 is scarier than the one in Halloween 5.

Believe it or not, 4 is actually my second favorite in the franchise (I have yet to see Rob Zombie's films). Halloween 5 on the other hand might be the very worst in the series. So bad...

4, easily. 5 was the start of the downfall of the franchise, except for 3, which I haven't seen and never intend to.

5-0 For The Return

Halloween 4 is surprisingly good sequel. Good suspense, great acting and characters, and the mask really isn't that bad. Halloween 5 takes all of the good stuff from 4 and rips it apart and then gets drunk and makes a bizarre fanfiction that I had my eyes rolling for the whole movie. 4 is a great 10th Anniversary of Halloween, while 5 is a pile of garbage. Also the mask got worse.

i enjoy 5 but its nowhere near as good as 4

I don't think either of these are very good and may even prefer 5 slightly. I thought the daytime Michael stalking and kills were more effective, and it was nice to have returning characters outside of Michael and Loomis.

4 wasn't really good either but 5 is kinda bad