Moneyball vs. The Help



Two really great dramas from 2011! I have great respect for Moneyball, but the storytelling was just a bit too technical. The Help, on the other hand, was immensley enjoyable from start to finish. I'd probably give both these movies the same x/10 rating, but I'll have to go with The Help.

Wow, a tough one! I was surprised that both of these films didn't win more Oscars, as I thought The Help was actually going to take everything before-hand. Being a guy and all, I'm obligated to lean slightly toward Moneyball. However, I felt it didn't focus on some things it should have, plus the ending was a little unfulfilling. The Help was brilliantly done, and I can't believe the song Mary J. Blige did for it wasn't nominated for an Oscar.

Moneyball for me by a inch.