Last Tango in Paris vs. The Godfather



BRANDO '72 SHOWDOWN! "Last Tango in Paris" is intimate and features strong character relationship dynamics, but you gotta pick "The Godfather" here, right?

Brando vs Brando. I loved Last Tango in Paris and I think that his performance is pure gold, but not even Marlon can beat the Godfather.

Bottom Brando vs. Top Brando. Even though Brando was good in Last Tango, the movie itself was painful to sit through. The movie is basically "Character Introduction/Sex Backstory/Sex Scene/Sex Backstory/Sex Scene/Sex Backstory/Sex (Rape) Scene". The Godfather was almost flawless though. It's 3-hours long, but it felt shorter; while Last Tango felt 10-hours long.

wut? No contest...

Brando versus Brando I love both The Godfather wins