Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone vs. Star Wars



Two iconic movies that were instant classics. How do you choose? Since most of my friends will vote Star Wars, I'll go with HPatSS. It's a coinflip though, really.

Both were the imaginative beginnings of great franchises, but Star Wars wins for originality. Not based on a book series, and showed the world something they'd never seen before.

Not even a question. Sorcerer's Stone may be alright but its nothing special. There are far better series openers, namely Star Wars, Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring, Batman Begins, The Godfather and so on. Star Wars easy

Yes, there are far better series openers, but Star Wars is not one of them. Not to me. Harry Potter at its worst, in my opinion, can contend with Star Wars at its best. Maybe that's because I grew up with the series, much like others grew up with Star Wars. Whatever the case might be, The Sorcerer's Stone it is.

I'ma have to go with Star Wars!

Potter has no business in this conversation...

You can't bullseye womp rats in your T-16 back home while wearing glasses. You lose, Potter!

lol are you serious? Star Wars, duuuhhh.

Star Wars it is!

Harry potter has so much nostalgia that I have to choose it,regardless of anything

Harry Potter is entertaining, but it's no match for the Mighty Star Wars.

Harry Potter all the way. Especially for non-Americans like me.


Let's be honest: the Death Ball would totally blow up Hogwarts.

Star Wars destroys every overrated Harry Potter movie.

Is this even a question? STAR WARS ALL THE WAY. HP is some of the worst shit ever created in history.