Notorious vs. Parasite



Parasite is slightly better

There's something in the cellar of this fancy house double feature! Parasite is something that would make Hitchcock proud, but Notorious is by the master himself. Notorious is a skillful mystery, with great performances by Grant, Bergman and Rains, and that ending... plainly awesomeness. But Parasite is so good that it already broke my top 5. I love Song, and Bong - and everybody else was also great, and that editing, that soundtrack, set design, everything's incredible. If it was Psycho, North by Northwest, Vertigo or Rear Window, this would be closer, but yeah, Parasite takes it.

I'm probably going to be alone here but the ensemble cast, visual elegance and fascinating plot of Notorious can't be beaten!

Not alone at all. Notorious is a total classic.

This is a tough call....

Love both of these completely parasite is my choice though


Parasite is the best film of 2019.