Notorious vs. Rebecca



Man, I can't stand these Hitchcock vs Hitchcock matchups. They are BRUTAL. Rebecca is more atmospheric, but Notorious has Cary Grant--not to mention that awesome crane shot that goes to the closeup of the key in Bergman's hand. What to do, what to DO??

If it were not for Cary Grant and some wondrous direction on Hitchcock's part, Notorious would have been average at best. And, as much as I love Cary Grant, he alone cannot put Notorious over the wonderfully moody Rebecca.

Proof that Hitchcock's 40s films were in every way as good as his more famous outings in the 50s and early 60s. I love both these films dearly, but for me Notorious is perfect in every way.

I agree with Charyou_Tree, Rebecca is the better film.

Rebecca it is. I was more invested in the film...

Rebecca starts a bit slow but picks up nicely and its second half is amazing. Notorious has a better start but a weaker finish in my opinion. I love the actors in Notorious, but I think I'm leaning towards Rebecca. Nope, changed my mind....

While I enjoyed Rebecca, it didn't grab me the way Notorious did. I prefer the ending of Notorious as well. I'll take Cary Grant over Laurence Olivier every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Easy Notorious for me

I enjoyed Rebecca way more than Notorious, I enjoyed the relationship Fontaine-Olivier way more than Grant-Bergman. I was way more invested in Rebecca's story and it's characters. Notorious might have been the more Hitchockian and suspenseful, but I enjoyed every second of Rebecca infinitely more. Yes, I am not a big fan of Notorious.

I ever so slightly prefer Rebecca.

Both films are great but Notorious is much more Hitchcock's film than Rebecca and as such is more compact, compelling, suspenseful and humorous. The flirtation between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in one long shot is perhaps unmatched in all of cinema. Breaking the tie for now.

Outstanding matchup here!! I consider both these to be in the bottom half of Hitchcock's top 10 of all time. That might not sound like much, but it's saying a lot considering Hitchcock's grand filmography. Both have rich stories, but I prefer Rebecca's more. It just has more layers, and that's my sort of thing with movies. Great matchup though.

Even though Rebecca is considered less Hitchcock, it's more perfect. Notorious has some plot holes while Rebecca is executed near perfectly with the right twists and plot development at the right time. Rebecca Wins.

Great matchup! Both did more than hint at how masterful Hitchcock will become within the next 15 years while still having stories and characters engaging enough to make them stand on their own. Notorious is still technically impressive 71 years later and it has a great ensemble cast. It's a very powerful film also! But, Rebecca is even more powerful and it includes downright creepy moments and psychological layers. Rebecca for me!