Watchmen vs. King Kong



King Kong disappointed me so much. I had been eagerly awaiting it, and it just felt so flat and uninteresting as a final result. Watchmen however exceeded expectations and was really entertaining. It took the best elements of the graphic novel and condensed it the best way a feature film could. Easy choice on this matchup.

This is actually quite interesting: two three-hour films, one that feels too long, and one that doesn't. (To clarify, I've only seen the Director's Cut of Watchmen.) To me, King Kong felt like the extended versions of Jackson's Lord of the Rings: I enjoy them, and like everything about them, but there was definitely stuff that could be (and was, rightly) cut out of them for the theatrical release. I like everything in Kong, but it's too long. Meanwhile, Snyder's Director's Cut of Watchmen is the same length, but it didn't feel too long; I'm hard pressed to think what could have been cut out for the theatrical version. It's a three-hour movie that doesn't feel too long. (I know nothing of the book.) What's interesting, though, is that I think I'm inclined to go with Kong anyway. Not sure why, but I probably have an affection for that movie that it doesn't entirely deserve.

two very long movies. King Kong had great visuals. The first hour was boring and was drawn out. The second hour was when things picked up and the third hour ended good, but I feel like the movie just didnt do it for me. Watchmen is a great comic book movie. It followed the graphic novel well. It was a well put together movie but I still have a hard time sitting through it. but it is still a good movie.

These are two movies that are way to long. And neither is really all that interesting.

Two disappointing movies in my eyes. I'll give the edge to Watchmen, but I don't love either.

After reading Watchmen i eagerly anticipated its movie adaptation. First viewing didn't really satisfy me and i disregard it as boring. I gave it another chance after some time and find myself loving it. Despite its length, i believe that there are qualities about this adaptation that require multiple viewings, just like graphic novel require multiple readings to fully enjoy everything. King Kong was solid movie with decent story, but everything i now remember is that CGI was horrible in some scenes and that really kicked me out of experience. Still solid film, but in this matchup Watchmen wins every time.

I haven't seen Kong in full since the theaters, but I liked it then. Watchmen is amazing though, it wins.

Watchmen is my favorites I don't like King Kong

Both such underrated modern adventure masterpieces. Could really go either way for me, but for now...

King Kong wins pretty easy for me