Watchmen vs. The Incredibles



the Incredibles v.s. the Watchmen would be a very interesting battle

Polar opposites in the comic-book genre, that's for sure.

When I see the Watchmen ads I want to like it. When I watch the movie, with its long, terribly boring adaptation of a brilliant work, I know in my heart that I cannot accept it. For the amount of money that went behind that movie's production, it could have been a LOT better.

Not even close in my opinion. The Incredibles win in a landslide.

It's funny, because both films basically have the same (very) loose starting point of outlawed supers.

Incredibles is a better version of Watchmen. . .with some James Bondesque type action put in the mix. Watchmen was to slavish to the source material.

I liked Watchmen a lot more. Crazy superheroes are cool.

Superheroes as everyday folks with everyday problems? Or superheroes as psychotic social outcasts beyond the control of real everyday folks? I'll take the latter, bleaker option please.

I simply ADORE Pixar. they are the ONLY film studio in history that never released a bad film. the incredibles is one of my favorite pixar films, because of two things: the idea of superheroes being outcasts and blending in our everyday life, and the action, which is the best of any pixar movie. now watchmen is sort of the same movie, but both things that i enjoy in the incredibles have been expanded and exagerated. now i don't know if that's a good thing or not, but what's certin is that the end result is pretty big. for now i'll go with the incredibles, because of the comedy that is inserted in the film and that is left out of watchmen

Incredibles was more "Watchmen" than Watchmen was!

Incredibles I guess

Neither are bad movies in my opinion. Watchmen could have been more faithful to the source material and i like how The Incredibles took Watchmen's themes and made them palatable for a family audience. I'm going to go with The Incredibles.