Watchmen vs. Sin City



Battle of the graphic movels!!!

:\ I typed "movels". NOVELS, of course.

Sin City. Watchman was good, but Sin City was great.

They are great examples of comic book movies done vote goes to Sin City

You're gonna love this, baby.

Both are slavish adaptations of beloved source material. I believe that both films succeed outside of how people feel about comparing them to the graphic novels, but Watchmen was a better book and also a better film. And incase you are wondering, my avatar is Dr. Tobias "I blue myself" Funke.

Watchmen for a book. Sin City for a film.

Watchmen was good, but Sin City worked better as a movie. I can watch Sin City pretty much any time, but Watchmen just isn't enough fun to fall into the category of 'Can Watch Anytime.'

There could have been no "Watchmen" without "Sin City". It's that simple. As such, "Watchmen" was a fun time at the cinemas, but the ending pissed me off big-time (the most transparent endorsement of fascism since "Triumph of the Will", if you ask me), but "Sin City" is both a classic action film and a stylistic watershed. No question.

Watchmen has a lot more depth

Both movies were very accurately portrayed in a visual sense but Sin City was more successful in adapting the whole "feeling" of the graphic novel to the big screen. Watchmen lacked the atmosphere of paranoia that was so prevalent in the graphic novel.

I know nothing of the books. Watchmen is the only one of these two movies I will watch again. Did not like Sin City. At all.

This one comes down to, among other things, Repeat-Viewability. Sin CIty I saw in the theater and once in it's entirety at home, but the third time I had to turn it off less than halfway through. It dawned on me that my opinion of the film had soured to the extent that now I find it monotonous, gratuitous and, to be honest, rather shallow and mean-spirited. Top-to-bottom violence for violence's sake. Watchmen I also saw in the theater and again at home, but when it came to it's third viewing I found myself even more drawn into the depth of the world. When I got bored with what was going on in the foreground, often times I could look elsewhere on the screen because it's scope (while nowhere near that of the GN, if such comparisons are relevant) is far more impressive. The gratuitous sex and violence I find easier to absorb because there is so much going on all around and in between those moments, and while they are cringeworthy at times for the most part they serve the larger story. I think I might sit down and watch it a 4th time tonight in fact...

Even though there is a glowing blue man made of energy, Watchmen is probably more grounded than Sin City. But I love the over-the-top mentality of Frank Miller. I still have more fun with Sin City, and it broke ground and was responsible for Watchmen getting made in the first place.

Just because you would rather watch something more often than something else doesn't mean it is BETTER. If I had to watch either Black Sheep or The Virgin Spring repeatedly, I'd pick Black Sheep, but that doesn't mean it is a better film. Watchmen is by far the superior film (and book) in this contest. Even if you don't want to watch it all the time.

It's tough because I love Watchmen's soundtrack so much, but Sin City gets it.

thewarfreak says: "Just because you would rather watch something more often than something else doesn't mean it is BETTER..." Actually friend, it does. You have to remember this is a site devoted to each person's opinion of any given movie. My point was very clearly that *I* think Watchmen is a superior movie, and the reason for this is that I can watch it more often than Sin City, which at this point I don't think I will ever watch again, for all the reasons given. Remember, *opinion*

Watchmen is the better graphic far, revolutionary. Sin City is a much better film. Watchmen just had too many slow mo's for my taste and Veidt was played by an actor who was way too young and didn't get the character at all.

Crap I love them both. I think they each have a point somewhere in the third quarter where you are probably inclined to take a glance at your watch but I don't mind it. I tend to enjoy long movies. My vote goes to Sin City because it came first. Tough call though. ...and everything seemed to be going so well.

Both are perfect examples of comic book adaptations done right. But Sin City simply falls short because, unlike the denser Watchmen, it is little more than great, harmless fun highlighted by spectacular visuals, some quirky performances and Jessica Alba. Watchmen counters Alba with Malin Ackerman, though only in eye candy and not in acting. And I am one of the people that the uber-violence worked for. It doesn't quite replace the somber tone of the graphic novel, but it's enough for me.

This is a hard one to choose. Both of these movies are epic. However, you can't choose both here so I'll have to go with Sin City. It is such an awesome portray of Nori. Plus it has a great cast list. I real liked Bruce Willies in this film.

Watchmen, Sin City devates into silly in some bit, though it's a great film, and I really enjoy it.

Unlike some fans I really did enjoy 'Watchmen', though I love a good deal of the segments of 'Sin City' more. It just shocked and excited me.

sin city. watchmen was kind of a disgrace to its amazing source material in my opinion.

Watchmen wins, because it has a lot of underlying meaning, and its presented in this dystopic format which is awesome. Sin City is also awesome, and it would win, were it not for the connection with real world history present in Watchmen.

The lack of the Squid ruins it for Watchmen here.

Oh, Man, Watchmen is 10 times better than Sin City. More interesting and philosophical plot (and not just jacked from lame pulp novels and films noir), better characters (more variety of characters as well as WAY better female characters, I mean, who casts Jessica Alba as a stripper in a movie where the PAROLE OFFICER is naked most of the time but Alba won't take her top off?), and it looks better, though style-wise they're both decent.

I love both these movies, but I'm more attached to the characters in Watchmen.

I love both these movies, but I'm more attached to the characters in Watchmen.

Watchmen was way too long. If you did not read the comics you did not understand anything that was happening. The commercials gave it such a big hype, that it did not live up to. I was excited to see it, with a packed theater, and by the end of the movie I was falling asleep. Sin City had a simple storyline, like Batman, a city in shambles with messed up people. The characters were more real for the viewers and more interesting. The worst part of Watchmen was the sex scenes, it was trashy, while Sin City is trashy but at the same time classy.

In all honesty I am indifferent between the two. hmm.... I guess it would depend upon my mood at the time.

Easy. Sin City. The visual presentation and plot of the Watchmen is very faithful and beautifully rendered in the film. But Snyder goes too far and does too much with it. These guys were NOT kung fu experts for cryin' out loud. Sin City does not devolve into mere super hero-y BS, remaining grittier and truer to life in-spite of the heightened sense of unreality from the style and Mametesque readings.

Sin City Watchmen had the better graphic novel but the Sin City movie was better

Sin City, I liked Watchmen more than most people but Sin City was insane

Watchmen (the film) does nothing for me at all. Maybe I have trouble shaking the graphic novel out of my head while watching the movie but in my opinion it is just gratuitous slow motion violence and one of the most ridiculous sex scenes in film history. Sin City is filled with gratuitous violence and sex but it doesn't pretend to be anything other than a fun fun fun movie with great actors scattered throughout. Don't forget the way it pops off the screen. Sin City definitely.

Both are films are sort of noble failures. I do really enjoy Sin City though. It's one-dimensional pap, but visually cool and with fun performances all around. And no big blue penis.

I always feared to be confronted with this duel. Both are actually amongst my favourite 30 or so movies (Watchmen top 15)... I could both watch over and over again, but for me Watchmen is the better movie. Sin City is hugely entertaining, has a great style and some memorable lines, but overall Watchmen offers more for me. Some absolutely brilliant scenes, great choice of songs, intelligent, multilayered story (of course thats thanks to the great source material) and fantastic action (in addition to the great style). I also think Watchmen is actually a very underrated movie. I just can't understand why so many people really hate it (although it seems like it's much more appreciated here in Europe than in the US)...

Sin city had the innovation. Watchmen just the music.

Watchmen is easily one of the best movies ever made. I loved Sin City but was completely blown away by Watchmen. They are both great, definetly the best movies based on a graphic novel of all time.

While I enjoy Sin City it's not touching Watchmen.

Sin City casting was far better than the Watchmen one. Snyder is a real crappy director.

One film had Jackie Earle Haley and the other didn't.

I hated Sin City except for the visuals. I didn't get the feeling it even had a story. And 4 stories that were not related. No thank you. My vote will always be with Watchmen.

Watchmen, EASY

Both films are dazzling to look at, and while I didn't read either source material, both films conveyed their graphic novel roots well in the cinematography. But Watchmen's story is weak, and vaguely fascist: it's OK to murder millions because you believe it will save billions? Also, except for Jackie Earl Haley, the cast was, lacking to say the least. Sin City, on the other hand, is BRIMMING with fantastic actors: Del Toro, Willis, Madsen, Dawson, Hauer, Wood, Boothe, Duncan, King, Owen, all of them are perfectly cast. Even Alba, Murphy, Aoki and Hartnett, actors I'm not usually a fan of, fit their roles to a T. But NO ONE in either movie comes close to the rip-roaring vicious fun of Mickey Roarke's performance as Marv, one of movie's most memorable characters of the last decade. His story alone trumps the entirety of The Watchman.

I'm usually not a fan of these kind of movies but I loved Watchmen.

I'm tippin' the scale here. Look, Sin City is easily the better movie. Should I justify my opinion with well thought-out, salient rhetoric? Nah, fuck that. I would like to add one tidbit of enlightened thinkin' though...! I believe that the world, after so much recent suffering, deserves to see Nancy Callahan tussle with a phosphorescent blue dick. Onward Jessi, onward.

Sin City had a certian sense of style that gives it the edge

If it was Watchmen versus "The Hard Goodbye" this would be a different kind of match up. I like Sin City, but I really can't stand the "Big Fat Kill" segment with Clive Owen, and want to turn the whole movie off once Benecio Del Toro's scenes are over. Watchmen, on the other hand, I can watch again and again.

I've said my opinion before about Watchmen-and considering the multi-layered script and outstanding imagery of Sin City, the choice is obvious.

Sin City, hands down.

i'd have to go with watchmen. sin city is a class film but there is something more epic about watchmen. they are both great examples of movie adaptations of graphic novels gone right. it is a close one but the watchmen story is much better and draws on a lot of dark topics. both films are dark but sin city does have the ultra-violence - which is fine and together with the stylistic shooting of the film, make it oh so cool. however, watchmen also has this albeit toned down slightly and that together with the story (and soundtrack-awesome) gives it the lead by a head!

My vote goes to Sin City, I would agree with the person who said earlier that Watchmen is the better graphic novel yet Sin City is the better film.

Sin City by the slimmest margin possible. I LOVE Watchmen because of its visual style and story but Sin City was just better in general.

Sin City is entertaining. Watchmen is just overly long and confusing, with characters which I don't care about and a world which I don't care about.

Watchmen! Just a gorgeous, thought-provoking masterpiece. Sin City is fun and quite nice to look at as well, but it doesn't hold a candle to Watchmen.

i dont get u ppl these 2 movies are in my top 5 greatest films that came out in the last 5 years i just dont get how u can judge one to be soo much better then the other i dont get how sin city sucks and watchmen is in ur top 20 or watchmen was boring and sin city is the greatest movie ever made these are 2 great films and one should not be dismissed for the other these movies are bolth so great in the acting and action and dialog department there sooo hard to pick a winner but because watchmen is a little bit more thought provoking i give the win to watchmen by the skin of its teeth watcmen wins and BTW i hate u robert rodriguez why the hell didnt u make the spirit with frank miller and help make that film into a masterpice instead of the flaming pile of dung it was why could u help him and make greatness YOU BLANK

Now this is an interesting one. Both are great movies, Sin City almost looks like Millers pages come to life while Watchmen captures the gritty darker side of the story that in my opinion gives it it's appeal. It's a close call but I think Watchmen tips it.

Watchmen is a gorgeous film. Easily in my top 5 films of all time. Don't get me wrong, I love Sin City but Watchmen just completely absorbed me into this alternate world.

Sin City is better than Watchmen. Watchmen got a little long at some parts and I was thinking when was this gonna end. But with Sin City I was upset when it was over.

Watchmen. Both had great style, but I didn't care for Sin City. I didn't care about the story, I didn't care about the characters, I just didn't care. I guess it's okay at best. Watchmen is great, although it is flawed. The selection of music is pretty bad for the most part (aside from the use of 'the times they are a-changin', which was freaking amazing) and the ending left me somewhat confused. However, it's a feast for the eyes, it's a great psychological and phylosophical superhero movie and it has memorable characters. Oh, and Malin Akerman in latex.

Sin City. By a mile. No question about that....

Sin City. By a mile. No question about that....

Watchmen easy, i love Sin City but Watchmen actually has substance

It is tough, but I gotta go Sin City.

As far as films go, Sin City may be the epitome of cool.

Absolutely definitely Sin City. i really liked most of it, I did not like Watchmen at all.

I lied Watchmen win this, but I love both. Also I disagree with you Mystic, I actually like the music in Watchmen. While some of the choices are rather strange, I think they work, but I can see why you don't like it.

Watchmen failed to keep me entertained till the end. I remeber falling asleep in the cinema. Sin city is epic, can watch it over and over again.

Really hard to choose because both are great but i choose Watchmen.

Maybe I watched them in the wrong order. After all, I've read a few people say that the Watchmen film wouldn't have gotten started in its final form were it not for the success of Sin City. But, for me, Watchmen is definitely the better film. Sin City is decent, don't get me wrong, and Watchmen definitely has its flaws, but I kind of found Sin City overrated. Both do well in capturing the visual styles of their respective source materials, both have a solid cast of actors behind them (although Sin City obviously wins in that regard as the cast members are much higher profile stars than those of Watchmen) and both have some excellent action set pieces. But Watchmen has a much more interesting and varied set of themes and subtext, even if it owes all of the better ones to the source material, and consequently has a much more interesting story, which ultimately inspired to go and read the comic. Sin City, for all it's visual and scripted pinache, left me feeling a little bit hollow, as it ultimately doesn't seem to be about much of anything, beyond the usual "underbelly of society" grime that a lot of these adult-focused action films tend to focus on. It has some memorable characters, but none of them are especially compelling, nor their plight, and considering that this film was lauded as overall one of the best films of the noughties (never mind one of the best action films), this lack of substance frankly wasn't enough to satisfy me. Sin City is a solid 7/10 action film for me, but Watchmen is easily an 8-9/10, even with all its flaws, and stands up as Zack Snyder's best film to this day (and probably for some time to come). Watchmen wins.

Watchmen is my favorite comic book film of all time. No contest!

Sin City for more fun

I think that if you are comparing these two as graphic novel films, then Sin City wins. But I think as a film Watchmen is much stronger, I think the performances, writing, direction and cinematography of Watchmen are some of the best I've seen in a comic book movie and I feel that watchmen i the stronger picture.

While I did like the director’s cut of watchmen, I’ve watched sin city way more times and it’s something you can pop in anytime, so sin city 1 and 2 are the winners

Sin City is much better, no versions of Watchmen comes close.