The Goonies vs. Back to the Future



Oh. My God. Staring at this for the last ten minutes!!! I... I have no idea! After much deliberation... it has got to be Goonies, just for being more grounded in reality and awakening my nostalgia more. :)

I cannot believe that this came up. I literally may have to toss a coin. They both mean so much to me--especially for nostalgia. I think I may have to go Goonies. Ever watch it just listening to one kid? It's like seven different movies.

I cannot choose!!!!

Head explodes!!!!!!!!

Strangely this is one of the easiest decisions I've had to make on Flickchart. Both superb movies but Back To The Future wins as it is at number 4 in my chart (and has been for a long long time) and The Goonies is at number 10.

The Goonies has a place in my heart that makes it hard to beat. . but honestly you cant go wrong with either, plus if its on your chart you would feeling good seeing goonies just ONE slot above back to the future. .

The Goonies wins simply because of the adventure and excitement of the film. Don't get me wrong, I love Back to the Future, but I would much rather go on an adventure like in The Goonies than in Back to the Future. I don't want my mom flirting with me.

Back to the Future is the winner.

Pretty easy decision. Back to the Future takes the win.

Back to the Future wins in my book

Back to the Future wins. I Don't really like either. I'm alone of that for sure but I saw Goonies when I was 26 and fond it boring. I saw The Future in College and found that just okay. I missed the boat on them both for sure.

Love Both films to death! but yes Back to the Future is way better it fun action and hilarious with great characters and even the sequels are good! plus the score is amazing!