The Goonies vs. Stand by Me



This is a tough one. I think Goonies is still the overall winner. But it's close. Stand By Meis a really powerful movie.

They were both really good, but Goonies was also fun. I wouldn't call SBM a "fun" movie.

Who would have believed that the fat kid from Stand by me would eventually grow up to marry Rebecca Romijn. I love both these flicks but the edge goes to Stand by me.

Very difficult match up for me. Both bring back great childhood memories. In the end I have to go with Stand By Me since I own that one.

Very tough one. Goonies by a nose.

Some socially awkward kids search for one-eyed willie in their small towns seedy underbelly... The Goonies by a landslide.

epic battle. but not even jack bauer can save gordie. hey youuu guys!

I love both these movies, but I'm pretty sure that I would not be the person I grew up to be without The Goonies.

this is hard, but i gotta go with Stand By Me, i saw that one first and i like it just that much more

Stand By Me is the superior film. The Goonies is fun and goofy but Stand By Me is a great adventure.

WOW. In this one, STAND BY ME just because it's based on a Stephen KIng. But it wins by a milimeter.

Stand By Me is one of the best Stephen King adaptations to date. The Goonies is one of the most overrated movies I've ever come across. What do you think I choose?

Stan By me of course, one of the best films of history.

The Goonies gets run over by a train in this matchup

Stand By Me. I could relate a lot more to it's sense of adventure and emotional core. But Goonies is still fun.

The Goonie is a B version of Stand By Me, Stand By Me has better characters and story.

I vote Goonies, it's a lot better and fun. Plus Spielberg wrote it and he gives it the slight edge.

For me. I MO.

Goonies bored me. Stand by Me