Up vs. Mean Girls



I liked Up more. I thought Mean Girls was ok, and everyone seems to like it a bunch. I don't want to rain on everyone else's parade, I like Mean Girls as well. However, I can't shake the feeling that everyone else likes it a little bit more than I do. Maybe I was too old the first time I saw it, or maybe I missed out on the whole Lindsay Lohan moment. Nevertheless, I feel as though my opinion of Means Girls is a bit lower than consensus. Up, however, I enjoy just as much as a think everyone else does. I like the balloons, the weird bird, the talking dogs, the old man, and Russell. I also like the music, and the opening sequence, even though it is very sad (spoiler alert). I just think Up is all in all a more pleasurable viewing experience, nothing against Mean Girls. I'd recommend both movies to someone who hasn't seen them- however, I find that most people I meet have already seen both. After all, both were highly successful.