Up vs. The Incredibles



Battle of the Pixars... really loved UP, esp. the first arc but not as enamored with the film as a whole. Still awesome but THE INCREDIBLES remains my favorite.


There were parts of Up I absolutely loved, but the film didn't seem as fluid as I'm used to seeing from Pixar. Maybe I just have to watch it again. But for now, Incredibles.


Up is my high.

Definitely The Incredibles. THe more I watch it, the more I realize just how well it works. Great films.

Up is quite average really. Some semi-sad shit happens at the beginning and then some more shit happens throughout. It wasn't funny or witty or fun. It dragged in some places. It's just kinda there.

Neither are near Pixar's best. I'm going with Up though....


WALL-E is better than both, but I'd rather watch a sweet tale than a violent social critic!

UP is so much better than The Incredibles. No competition!

The Incredibles...hands down.

The Incredibles is so much fun, and intelligently made. A witty script and exhilarating action scenes makes The Incredibles the king of super hero flicks. And as fantastic as The Incredibles is, it has nothing on Up. While many would argue that Up disappoints after it gets over it's masterful first 20 minutes, I found myself spellbound from beginning to end. Yes, the best of Up is conveyed in the first 20 minutes, but the rest of the film is still emotionally beautiful, elegant, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. I can't even begin to describe how much I love Up. Both films are absolute masterpieces, but Up is the better film, in my opinion.

Aside from the Toy Story Trilogy, The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie.

The Incredibles is genius, Up isn't...At least, not for me

I prefer The Incredibles.

It's tough, and I really, really love Up, but I think The Incredibles wins by half a hair...

Incredibles is awesome

Up is really an 10 min movie with an hour long epilogue, but damn that 10 min is Pixar's best and the other hour is enjoyable too; love the Incredibles also

I'm not really in love with Up. I thought the opening was touching and I actually surprised myself when I found out I though the kid was cute. I like it, but anything that comes after the scene where they hit the skies isn't as good as anything that came before it. The Incredibles had me by my balls the entire time. I could not move. It's everything I got from watching Spielberg's movies when I was a kid (and even now, really). It's just FUN. If anybody's got a chance of being the next Spielberg, it's Brad Bird.

^I'm actually more of the opposite. I like The Incredibles, but it's probably my least favorite film of Pixar so far (bare in mind however that I haven't seen either of the Cars films or Brave). Aside from Bob Parr a.k.a. Mr. Incredibly, I did not care much about the other characters. It isn't until the third act that they actually get some development, before that they are just there. And Violet had such a nagging voice, which was just annoying. I also didn't like the villain, who was just boring and very uninteresting, and not the memorable, imposing threat I wanted him to be. What were his motivations again? I dunno. Stock, bland, forgettable. The tone was also a bit weird. It's the most "adult" film Pixar has made thus far, no doubt about that, but some of it felt unnecessarily dark. Suicide attempts? Heavy gunfire (I'm not implying that you should replace them by walkie-talkies...but still, a bit too dark)? There's even implied sexual tension. I dunno, I found it jarring with the overall tone. The Incredibles has stuff in it that I like, but the film itself is rather flawed, I think. Up on the other hand is tied with Toy Story 3 for my favorite Pixar film. It's a fun adventure, but the film is also very heartfelt at the same time. And who can't forget the dogs in their little airplanes? Oh yeah, great stuff.


Mr. Incredible*

I need to see Up again, as my memories of it are sketchy and I wasn't as enamoured with it as other people were. But The Incredibles gets better every time I see it, so it wins for now. That said, neither can touch Finding Nemo amongst my rankings of Pixar's repertoire.

Up is probably my favorite Pixar movie,so it obviously wins.

I appreciate action-awesomeness and a good villain backstory to an emotional dream. Also, love the cliff-hanger of The Incredibles. Still waiting for the sequel tho. XD

The Incredibles is not only my favorite Pixar film, but one of the best superhero films. It is so well directed and executed, I have to go with The Incredibles over Up - which I also enjoyed, but don't think it's as good as most people do. Love the first 10 minutes though.

Up is fantastic in the beginning, but the rest isn't nearly as good. The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie, and second favorite superhero movie.


Love both...erm up has a better storyline

Both are great in there own way, but I have to agree with the consensus that Incredible is slightly better.

The Incredibles

I think the Incredibles is Pixar's best film. With Up, the first 20 minutes is fantastic filmmaking and storytelling but the rest is sort of average, while Incredibles is incredible (pun intended) the whole time. It's the way superhero films should be and Brad Bird delivers. Incredibles gets my vote.

a difficult choice. I think Incredibles is slightly better

Up by a milestone! Both are 2 of the greatest Pixar movies ever but I like Up more!

Up! Love that movie! The Incredibles was really cool tho! Up was just sooooooo well done! SQUIRREL!!!!! Adventure is out there!

Up for sure! Both good but Up always gets my vote!

There is a lot of competition. Besides a great first act, the rest is pretty average for me

Up is sensational for 10 minutes, then just good for the rest of its runtime. The Incredibles is fantastic from start to finish. Other than emotional moments and ending, The Incredibles beats Up at everything.

As my favorite Pixar movie, The Incredibles wins.

Remember when Pixar was good? Remember before they put politics ahead of entertainment and story?