Up vs. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs



on 1/29/2010

Cloudy is marvelous fun: well written, crisply told with humour that is smart alecky without being smug, crass or mean. However, the montage that starts Up is pure film perfection, wordless and concise, distilled human emotion and experience, and while drawn is devastatingly real. The power of the first 15 minutes instills the rest of what would otherwise be a more run-of-the-mill with real urgency and makes you care about what happens to these characters. Cloudy my be the best in its weight class but Up is competing with the big boys.

on 7/3/2010

I'm really unsure about this.

on 11/10/2010

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It is a genuinely funny movie that doesn't just go for the obvious jokes. But, as flickme said, Up is just amazing.

on 11/10/2010


on 1/16/2012

These films both definitely reach for the sky in their own way. Cloudy is a great little romp, full of fantastic visual gags. Up is...well, it's Up, and it's beautiful.

on 3/7/2013

This is my favorite matchup of all. They were both released in 2009 and neither of them are wrong answers. In 2009, Up was easily my answer. A friend of mine vehemently disagreed. It was only months later when I somehow ended up watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs three times in one weekend, mostly due to intoxication, that I came to understand the brilliance and near-perfection of CWACOM. And still, it would be one more viewing before I realized that, yes, this is my favorite film of all-time. It still is. Of course, this is nothing against Up. Yes, the first 10 minutes of Up is likely the strongest opening of all, but it's hard to argue that Up is as consistent from start to finish as CWACOM's ability to only get more hilarious and more emotionally resonant as it rains onward.

on 5/8/2013

Cloudy is brilliant, and made me laugh a hell of a lot, Up made me laugh too, but I cried my eyes out at that opening scene, and did again when I saw it recently, the emotional power and beauty of Up is what makes it a winner here for me.

on 7/21/2013

I remember watching both of these movies in a Science class because they apparently both had to do with science or something. I really enjoyed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and found it a funny flick. I remember loving the original story when I was young. However, I consider Up to be the superior film due to packing a great story that contains not just funny moments but also heartwarming, tear-jerking, and overall more fantastical moments. I believe it to have the better story, characters, and atmosphere compared to Cloudy. Still I consider both of these movies to be pretty good, but I would honestly prefer Up over Cloudy.

on 7/22/2013

100% UP

on 7/22/2013

Definitely Up, but Cloudy is one of the best non-Pixar animated films ever made.

on 7/22/2013

Definitely Up, but Cloudy is one of the best non-Pixar animated films ever made.

on 6/27/2015

easily Up. As inconsistent in emotions as it may be, it is still excellent; while Cloudy may have a more dastardly hilarious villain, it never manages the level of UP.