Titanic vs. Aliens



you too

Two of James Cameron's finest...but Aliens Takes the win on my book.

James Cameron is going the same way as George Lucas. He's starting to believe his own hype a little too religiously. Since The Terminator and Aliens it's been a slow downhill slide (and yes, I'm including Avatar in that). Aliens rips out the throat of Titanic.

Two great Cameron flicks. Aliens is of course better though.

im agreeing to you cameron have 3 great sci fic epics aliens,termionatorand terminator 2,but his new movies are shit.(titanic,avatar,etc)

Woah! Titanic can't compete with the action extravaganza known as Aliens.

Aliens kills Titanic in this totally one sided unfair competition. The characters, the story, the visuals, the acting, the writing, the directing and the action sequences were alll breathtakingly amazing. I said, that Aliens kills Titanic. I love Titanic but boy...Aliens just kills it....The Alien may have sunk the Titanic

Lemme guess, does Aliens kill Titanic?

Titanic is actually my favorite Cameron film.


The final half hour of Titanic is still pretty hard to for me to watch. But yeah Aliens is the easy winner. Also TRUE LIES is a Classic Cameron flick!

Titanic was just not my thing. Could use a few facehuggers if you ask me.


Love both but prefer Titanic.