Titanic vs. Shaun of the Dead



I may get flogged for this, but I'm going with Titanic.

I'm joining you on this one. Shaun of the Dead is really good, but I'll put Titanic over it.


Anyone who picks Titanic should be thrown to a back of zombies.

Anyone who picks Shaun of the Dead is a zombie already. You always pick a film that is meant to be serious over a silly parody. I mean come on, they're in entirely different leagues here.

"You always pick a film that is meant to be serious over a silly parody." I'm sorry, what?

shaun of the dead actually works better dramatically lol

I mean I'll take satire with heart over some elevated Lifetime special, just saying.

I totally agree. I mean, what he said was so out there that I thought it was a joke, at first.

Go ahead and post as many comments on here as you want, it's not like they're keeping track or anything.

What do you mean?

See the freaking numbers up there? You're supposed to leave one comment with your opinion so the votes of popularity when comparing films can be properly distinguished. Now, you me and that other guy have left multiple comments and people will have to actually count the number of people who have commented for each.

1) Why are you so serious about all of this? 2) People leave multiple comments all the time. It's called 'discussion'.

That doesn't make it right.

It says "comments" after those numbers, not "votes". So they don't represent votes, and I'd guess most people scan the conversation anyway. Chill.

Titanic....Shaun is so overrated...

Both are overrated honestly.

Shaun. I've seen Titanic one too many times for it to still be considered fresh.

This conversation is more entertaining than anything in Titanic. Except for the lovably pompous Billy Zane of course. Even the name 'Caledon Hockley' just oozes vanity.



SotD wins undoubtedly

Titanic bullies Shaun in production value, Shaun murders Titanic in entertainment value. Shaun takes it.