Oppenheimer vs. Barbie



OH MY GOD, I'M FIRST TO GET THIS MATCH UP. OMGOMGOMG. So, for future readers, this was HUGE in the summer of 2023. They released these movies in the same day and lots of people went to see both on the same day, like me. It was great! We called it BARBENHEIMER. Both movies are fun. Right now, however, I'm gonna say Oppenheimer is the better film. It's cohesive and clever. Barbie tries to do too much. But both are very unique and interesting movies. You should watch them together. Barbenheimer will never die.

Oppenheimer takes this. Barbie is good though.

Both are pretty good. Oppenheimer was a masterpiece though

Barbie finds a way to make its weirdness get weird, in a good way. Oppenheimer is solid but needed a little more vision.

I enjoyed both, but Oppenheimer's ending gives it the edge for me.

This website still hasn't been updated? Anyhoo, Oppenheimer takes it, though both are very good and definitely worth checking out.

Oppenheimer but both are great