The Predator vs. Predators



Whatever Predators' failings may have been (the list is pretty long), at least it didn't turn the series into a Marvel action-comedy with shitty jokes. Shane Black's The Predator, quite honestly, should've gone with a PG-13 rating, as the blood and gore doesn't disguise the fact that it doesn't take its material seriously for one second -- no sincerity, no sense of dread, just one tonally autistic scene after another. The Predator franchise is all but dead, and these two installments' collective failure to get basic things right, is to blame. I'm talking about basic things within the Predator cosmos like not over-relying on comedy, avoiding CGI wherever possible, going with Classic Predator and not those non-canon hybrids, building some kind of atmosphere/mise en scène akin to a franchise rooted in surrealistic action-horror and, above all, NOT making a new Predator movie in the first place if all you can offer is a hodgepodge of retread and homage. Time to pull the plug. RIP Predator (1987 - 1990).

The Predator is the worst movie that I’ve sat through in a long time. There is literally not one redeeming factor to ANYTHING that hits the screen. Shane Black should be embarrassed.

The Predator is more most awful bad than along since Predators came ahead but Predators is often my choice here..

Preadators is merely a lesser retread of the first movie. The newest one gets the edge for simply being more fun (if a tad messy).

The Predator is the dumbest piece of crap to hit the cinema this year.

Honestly not that big of a gap. Each Predator movies are mediocre.