The Hunted vs. U.S. Marshals



I hate you, Flickchart!!! Ergh...

two movies about Tommy Lee Jones trying to catch someone. I'll go with The Hunted.

If this was between The Hunted and The Fugitive I'd go the other way, but I never cared for U.S. Marshals and The Hunted is solid enough for a win.

I love U.S. Marshals. Not as much as I love The Fugitive, but it think it's pretty grand. (Watched it again only about a month ago, in fact.) The Hunted is actually a movie I'd like to see again, but I remember it as fairly generic. Unfortunate, considering the talent involved. U.S. Marshals isn't breaking new ground by any stretch of the imagination, but it's at least stuck with me as a movie I've enjoyed.

U.S. Marshals is the much better film here. Hunted is decent, but not close.

I think The Hunted is actually the unofficial sequel to U.S. Marshals. It's a very intense movie and Tommy Lee Jones is great again, but U.S. Marshals is better. Of course, neither come close to The Fugitive.

U.S Marshals is a better. Both are fun to watch...