The Sound of Music vs. Singin' in the Rain



Now this is a classic question. They should all be so well-paired.

Perhaps the two greatest musicals ever made. I'll have to go with The Sound of Music on this one.

Two of the greatest musicals ever made, but not the two greatest... They're currently sitting as #5 and #6 on my list of musicals. #5 is Singin' in the Rain, so it shall win.

Explosion of classic musical awesomeness. As a matter of personal preference I have to go with Sound.

Easily Singin' in the Rain (Top 100). Sound of Music is in my Top 250.

*Sorry, top 300, not 250.

sound of music wins...i didn't like SITR anyhow

Singin in the Rain is the best musical ever made.

There are many great Hollywood musicals, but none of them can truly rival the awesomeness that is Singin' in the Rain.

Singin' in the Rain underwhelmed me. It's probably the only musical I've seen to date that would've improved if all the musical numbers had been removed. The songs were generally dull, unremarkable and forgettable, diminishing an otherwise entertaining film. The Sound of Music benefits from having songs (as most musicals do), and it's a joyous and wonderfully entertaining film, if tonally uneven. The Sound of Music easily wins this round.

The opposite here. The Sound of Music underwhelmed me. Singin' in the Rain was entertain.


The Sound of Music for its music and the wonderful talent of Julie Andrews wins this match.

I like Sound of Music but it isn’t as influential as Singin in the rain